• Decorating Techniques – How to Make a Chalkboard

    Blackboard Paint to Organize Your Kitchen, Pantry and Office

    Blackboard paint, also known as chalkboard paint has come along way from the classroom. It will probably make some people gag to include it under simple decorating techniques but using it can help organize kitchen, organize pantry and even your office by using it to make a chalkboard out of common household bits.

    Maybe it’s the smart blackboard paint that makes it look cool or the pattern interrupt of seeing it out of place that really makes you think. It could be that it’s just another clever idea that can sharpen your organizing skills and keep your life on track without breaking the bank. Yes, this is something that travels from small apartment decorating to a large home or office organizing.

    You can:

    1. Get it in green or black and can lighten it to get shades of each colour- or make your own – see below.
    2. Buy it as a spray or in a tin.
    3. Use it on
      1. doors,
      2. walls,
      3. glass,
      4. refrigerator,
      5. cabinets,
      6. and furniture.

    Yes, it’s a cool decorating technique you can use again and again.

    NauticalBeachCottage.com have some great photographs on how you can use it in your kitchen to organize your kitchen and pantry. It looks at home in almost any kind of kitchen, don’t you think?

    Here’s the pantry door as it looked this morning…pretty boring, huh?

    Old pantry door

    This is what I’d like it to look like, nothing too fancy, but it will really finish off the kitchen.

    Source: younghouselove.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

    Source: highstreetmarket.blogspot.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

    This is the hubby’s favorite door and he thinks we could create it with some scrap lumber!

    Source: Uploaded by user via Michelle on Pinterest

    You can read the full article here to get more great ideas.

    I found a video to inspire you if you decide you don’t want to buy the off the shelf colours and create your own colours!  Now we are talking.. If you have the time and inclination to make your own chalkboard paints. It’s also a lot less expensive.

    Here’s another video on how to paint with chalkboard paints – and believe me – it matters..

    But it doesn’t stop there – here is a great blackboard paint article from HouseToHome which you can read here at  HouseToHome.co/uk – but one of my favourites is this –

    1) Paint a calendar on the wall

    Need to organise your family over the upcoming bank holiday weekends? Paint a blackboard calendar on the wall in your home office.

    Use black and white chalkboard paint to mix different tones of grey to create an eye-catching effect that’s easier to amend from month to month.

    I love the create your own labels section which you can also read at HomeToHouse.co/uk.

    If you have more ideas and decorating techniques using blackboard paint or chalkboard paint or tips on how to paint with chalkboard paint to organize your kitchen or pantry please send us your ideas and comments.

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