• New French Style – The Sum of the Parts

    Posted on July 13, 2012 by Christine in Acessories.


    French style is not only about French furniture – it’s about home accessories and more importantly, how they are all put together. French style is elegant and chic but not always casual. There is a certain formality that French style uses – french furniture might be the base but accents, paintings, home accessories, flowers, linen and books all add to the French style we all madly attempt to create. The new French style is often about using less not more.. the less you use, the more important each piece becomes and how they fit together creates mood and tone. You get a sense of the raw French style from the great photos on The Paris Apartment – Sum of All Parts which is less floral and flouncy – and decor I prefer.

    Sum of the Parts

    Source: parisapartment.wordpress.com via Christine on Pinterest

    Source: parisapartment.wordpress.com via Christine on Pinterest

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