30 Cool Ideas for Storing Girls Things to Stop Your Clutter Problem

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You can only do so much with closet storage before you suddenly run out. I find there is never enough bedroom storage to really fix clutter problems. Where do you store accessories, underwear, bags, shoes, belts and scarves so you can find your things quickly? Is your bedroom storage working for you or is your closet storage creating a clutter problem?

Closet storage is an issue for so many people. Some have even turned their garages into walk in dressing rooms so they can see, touch and feel their clothes and accessories at a glance. It may seem drastic but smarter bedroom storage means more space to put things and less time to find them. Sounds good to me. Here are some ideas to help you with your bedroom storage.

Bedroom Storage and Clutter Problem

Bedroom storage is a luxury that not everyone can afford. I find it a struggle to fit every shoe, belt and bag in, let alone find them when I'm in a hurry, often leaving carnage on the floor as I fly out the door. I forget about it until I step back in the room believing I've been burgled.

What I want is closet storage to store everything in the smallest possible space, see them and access them quickly so I can save time to do more important things with my time than worry about my clutter problem. Right?

Dividing drawers into modules or pods for belts or bras is one way, smart shoe storage solutions draping scarves on hangers is another way. Here are 30 very cool bedroom storage, shoe storage solutions and closet storage ideas for your bedroom bits. Not all these ideas will suit you but I'm sure you will find at least one idea you can use for your clutter problem. Click the link below.

30 Cool Ideas for Storing Girls Things