• 5 Practical Home Décor Hacks to Try

    5 Practical Home Décor Hacks to Try

    Guest Post by Gumtree

    We all have our own life hacks we use every day to make life just that little bit simpler. Here are 5 practical home décor hacks that will magnify the style in your home as well as help to make your life that little bit easier and of course help save you money on more pricey solutions.

    1. Turn a ladder into a towel or throw rack

    This is one of my favourite tricks of all time. Not only is it practical but it also looks great and can be a perfect solution to clutter in small spaces like the bathroom. Instead of folding your towels into an almost ready to explode linen closet, pair your best towels or throw blankets together for a charming little ladder. Better yet if the ladder is made from copper, drift wood or bamboo for a really unique and modern look.

    2. Turn a teapot into a vase

    If you’re not a tea drinker, or you just prefer the simplicity and ease of using a tea bag, it’s time to dust off your old teapot and turn it into a charming little vase. These make really cute centrepieces for tablescaping. Even better if you pair it with matching teacups that are turned into votive candle holders. This makes your table or vanity look extra special. Not only will the flowers brighten up the room but it’s also a rather quirky and whimsical way to show off your unique sense of style. If you like this hack but you don’t have any old unused teapots sitting around you can buy used home décor very cheaply and turn your finds into many awesome DIY hacks, including this super cute teapot and votive idea.

    3. Hang your curtains with rope

    If you’re going for a super beachy or coastal look in your home or even your shack or beach house, you can’t go past hanging your curtains with rope. Use large eyelet curtains and thick natural rope to loop around your curtain rail. This is a very simple and easy DIY hack to turn any home into a chic beach house. You get extra points for hanging a “this way to the beach” sign.

    4. Hang mirrors with rope

    This is another way to add a slight nautical theme to your home. It’s also a great way to add a more natural look to a house with a lot of industrial home décor. Hanging a mirror with rope will also ensure that your mirror is front and centre of attention. Mirrors help to transform a small space and this can be a great way to add a little more style to the mix.

    5. Use a trellis as a shoe rack

    If you’re as into fashion as you are home décor, then you’re going to love this practical home DIY hack. Hang a trellis in your closet (providing enough space at the back) and turn it into a high heel shoe rack. Simply slip your heels over the wood to hang. This is a super practical home hack that will save you time in the morning looking for the right shoes and best yet, it will save you a huge amount of space in your bedroom wardrobe.



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