5 Signs You Need Replacement Windows

5 Signs Your Home Needs Replacement Windows

There are signs your home needs replacement windows. You might know when it’s time to repair your windows, but when do you know it’s time replace them? Are you seeing the clues? Is your home constantly too hot or too cold, do you have mold, rot or rust, cracked or warped window frames?  

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Sounds expensive, sounds like doom and gloom. Most of the time its older homes that need a window upgrade to change the look of the home which helps to remodel or sell your home. Some new homeowners change their windows to reduce their energy costs.

But is a window replacement worth the investment? 

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Most window problems can be repaired with a quick DIY. Drafts or leaks can be fixed by re-aligning sashes, replacing worn-out weatherstripping or cracked caulking. Exceptions are leaks or streaks on your walls from rotted wood or broken seals around the window. If you manage to salvage the window, costs like DIY re-installing, sealing and a replacement frame can make buying a new window cheaper. 

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1. Your Windows are Warped, Damaged or Broken

You can repair windows with new weatherstripping, window sash or hardware. Look for signs like your windows fogging up or constant drafts. Do your windows refuse to stay open or stick when you open or close them? These could be signs you need replacement windows.

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2. Its Time to Reduce Your Energy Bill

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Badly fitting or drafty windows can increase your energy bills by 10 -25% according to Energy.gov. Simply by replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows you can impact your heating and cooling bills. If you are looking to sell your home, remember that homes with great energy audits are a trending selling point.

Triple-paned windows and quickly pay for themselves with large savings on heating and air conditioning. Insulation comes from gas between the panes.

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Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), has estimated that the market value of a home increases by $20 for every $1 decrease in annual energy costs. For homes that are highly energy-efficient this increases the value up to $10,625 when comparing similar properties.

Energy labeling for homes is trending. There are lots of options that make up the Energy Star Most Efficient criteria. Research your options before you commit because replacing windows is expensive and not all windows are equal.  

3. Its Makeover Time

Windows are a prominent decorating feature for any home. If they look tired, so will your house.

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Faded colors, old screens or warping reduce the curb appeal of your home. Upgrading your windows can improve your home’s appearance as well as improve the airflow through out your home.

You can change the window design so they open differently, or install larger windows. Larger windows can also increase a room’s natural light which has many health benefits.

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4. Storm and Hurricane Zones

If you live in an area prone to severe weather or hurricanes, you are know how to prepare for the possibility of damaged windows. Coastal living can be harsh on your windows. The effects of humidity, sea salt or winds are best dealt with by installing windows that are anti-corrosion and stable in extreme temperatures. Because they don’t crack, dent or peel, maintenance is almost zero. 

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5. Historic Home Renovation

The wrong windows in historic homes change the overall look and make past renovations look a little cheap. Historically accurate replacement windows can be expensive but a worthwhile investment to the value of your home.

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How to Check for Repairs or Replacement Windows 

Drafts and Air Leakage

Think you have a draft? A quick test to see if your window is the cause is to hold a lit candle or lighter near the edges of the window. If your flame is extinguished, you know you have an air leakage problem.

Your draft might be the result of wear and tear, poor installation or hardware. Finding where the draft is coming from is an important step to fixing the problem. If it is an installation issue, it can be repaired by adjusting the track or replacing seals. If it is a hardware issue, you might need to replace your window.

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Check Exterior Caulking

Broken seals are a leading cause to losing heat or cool air in your home. A problem in summer and winter. Seals wear away and fortunately it is an easy fix to do yourself or by your local handy man. 

Check Weather Stripping

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Although weather stripping can be repaired, unlike caulking on the exterior, it has a higher chance of leading to a full window replacement. It is something to monitor as it is a serious contributor to air leakage and drafts caused by gaps between the sash and the window frame.

Window Movement and Operation

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It easy to get into the habit of putting up with broken or tough-to-use windows. A broken crank, handle or latch can cause problems when opening or closing windows.

Materials are continually contracting and expanding, particularly with extreme temperature changes. They can move enough to change how operating devices work. Moisture can lead to rust that eventually breaks down operating hardware. Even foundation issues can lead to broken and cracked windows. Any of these problems may required a full  window replacement.

Check Frames

Just like hardware, window frames should be checked. Check window corners and joints for damage. If they are warped from extreme temperature changes there may be enough damage to require replacement windows. 

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Check Glass

Broken or cracked glass should be replaced immediately because that the airtight seal is no longer working to keep your home energy efficient or safe.

It can lead to condensation inside your window and your home. 

Many installation or hardware issues cab be repaired. It is best not to neglect the issue. Drafts, air leakage, condensation and moisture build-up can lead to respiratory issues as well as increased energy bills.

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