5 Things to Know Before Buying Gutter Guards

5 Things to Know Before Buying Gutter Guards

Installing leaf gutter guards is great a home maintenance plan to reduce hours and money to maintain your gutters and keep them from rust and mold for years.

gutter guards

There are many benefits to leaf gutter guards. To make your investment work harder for you here is a guide to help you install the right type of gutter guard, because the wrong gutter guard can literally cost you thousands in damages.

Most gutter guards from big-box home improvement retailers trap debris collecting on your roof in a wire mesh or screen. To keep the prices down these can be generic loose fitting guards, constantly move out of place and allowing debris to collect in the gutter. The very thing you don’t want.

They are also designed to fit under your roof shingles, which can lead to lifting the edge of your roof over time or through a serious storm. So, what should you avoid when you’re shopping for a gutter helmet or gutter guard?

Avoid These Leaf Gutter Guards or Gutter Helmets

1. Metal Construction 

metal gutter guard

Leaf gutter guards made of metal will rust. If it is covered in a protective plastic, it might take longer, but its only a matter of time before it rusts. That means it will turn red and when it rains it will stain the lower section of your roof and the gutter, contaminating water in the process.

2. Wire Mesh or Screens

wire mesh

These seem like the prefect gutter guard solution but these too often become clogged with leaves and tree debris. Ever seen a maple tree growing out of someone’s gutter? Wire mesh is the right size for a maple tree helicopter to land on, sprout, and ultimately grow through the wire mesh.

3. Colored Plastic

Colored Plastic Leaf Gutter guard

These guards are usually colored either brown or white so they are visible. They slip under your shingles and clip onto the front of the gutter. Because plastic expands and contracts, over time the gutter guard can easily become dislodged, which can create enough space for debris to enter. These gutter guards are difficult to hold in place.

4. Difficult Replacements

Difficult replacements gutter guards

Gutter guards should be easy to handle and maintain. The common message is to steer clear of gutter guards that are highly priced and difficult to repair. Often “trained professionals” who install, remove, replace or repair these types of guards should mostly be avoided. These gutter guards are impossible to inspect and become the perfect nesting sites for birds and wasps.

5. Foam-style Gutter Guards

Black foam style gutter guard

Avoid guards made from black foam. They don’t work and tree debris flourishes in foam. Seeds or sproutlings that land on them will quickly sprouting. Open exposed gutters can be a better, healthier alternative to black foam.

Use these tips to avoid gutter guards that don’t do the job and can cause you more roof damage and headaches along the way. 

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