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5 Tips To Make Your Small Apartment Decor Shine

By: Decorated Life Team |

5 Tips for Furnishing a Small Apartment

When you live in a small apartment decor takes on a whole new meaning. Whether your apartment is luxurious, simple or convenient, older or brand new, small apartment decorating not only needs to look good, it needs to be highly functional and work to a smaller scale, without overcrowding your rooms.

Small apartment decor ideas

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Even the smallest apartments have their own unique charm and can be furnished beautifully when you take care to add these tips and ideas into your decorating. 

Nice 85 Small Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas on A Budget

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Let there be Light

When furnishing a small apartment space good quality natural light is vital and an important factor when planning how to decorate. Medium to large sized windows allow natural light to flow into rooms. If you don’t have enough light, and you own your apartment, consider increasing the size or number of windows

furniture multitask

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To magnify the natural light coming into your rooms, walls, ceilings and even floors should be in lighter shades. Instead of absorbing light, your rooms will reflect and enhance your natural light. This helps to make rooms feel bigger and more spacious.

Choose light-colored rugs and repaint walls in cloudy white, gray or beige if the landlord permits. A combination of ample natural light and light cheerful wall paint colors maximizes the available light making your apartment appear larger and brighter.

small living rooms decor

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Consider Functional Two-in-One Furniture

Over stuffing rooms with too much furniture can make rooms feel cramped and badly planned. To avoid this from happening and making the best out of your apartment space use two-in-one furniture. Furniture that doubles up saves space and is functional. You might use an ottoman as a coffee table, as storage and as extra seating. 

convertible table

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A couchbed combines two of the largest pieces of furniture in any home, your couch and bed. If your apartment is a studio apartment and super small, a couchbed is a good work around.

If your apartment is large and luxurious a couchbed serves as the perfect solution for unexpected or multiple guests. Extra seating and beds never go astray and the range, style and comfort of these sofa-beds improves each year.

Don’t ignore convertible chair beds or convertible tables to maximize your space and functionality.

Coffee Table Folds Out Into A Dining Table

Scale is Very Important

There are times when big is great. Large art, large furniture or large pendant lights are perfect statement pieces. But nothing in your rooms should be too big and look out of place.

This means a huge bed in a tiny bedroom is a no go! You can still have a King-size mattress, as long as the frames are kept to a minimum or skip them entirely.

Modern Small Apartment Decor

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Having empty spaces in the apartment will make it feel bigger, more spacious and relaxing because it is less cluttered. If you have a large TV in the living room, large art or groups of photos on the walls, make sure you have a lot of space around them. In many cases, fewer large items or smaller surrounding items work better.

small apartment decor that fills the room

Creating miniature zones gives room interest as well as functionality.   

Transparent or Translucent Furniture

Transparent or translucent furniture looks great as small apartment decor. It creates the illusion of having more space than there actually is as light either travels through them or is reflected off them.

Therefore, glass, mirror and sheer materials can work wonders in small rooms and small apartments. Dark woods feel dense, and if you love it have it, but make sure other decor and furniture is minimal or lightly colored. 

Large mirror reflects light

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Small Apartment Decor – Indoor Lighting

Include in your small apartment decor multiple sources of low-powered lighting instead of the standard few powerful glaring lights to create different zones. This makes your space feel bigger.

lighting pieces

Of course, smart lights are even better, giving your control over lighting to highlight features or focal points. When done right, small apartment lighting can give rooms drama and create mood, often lacking in small apartment decor.

Small apartments can be dramatic, cozy and full of character. Take care how you furnish each room, and each space, to make them beautiful, functional and a reflection of your own life.