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5 Ways To Impress Neighbors With Your Holiday Lights


Holiday season is fast approaching and that means it’s time to think about this year’s Christmas outdoor holiday lights and lighting themes.

With the US using more electricity over the Christmas period than EL Salvador uses in a whole year, it’s a great time to rethink this year’s stylish lightfest! Less can be more!

If you love to go all the way with a strong outdoor Christmas light look, have an electrical inspection first to make sure your electrical system can cope with the stress. Start safe and end safe.

You don’t want a fire or an electrical meltdown before Christmas. You should request the inspection covers surge protection, fault detection, lighting and power points. 

Let’s look at 5 ways to impress this year with your holiday lights:

  1. Complete Coverage

This is a wholehearted effort to create something amazing, even surrounding your home with lights. Does this suit your neighborhood and which style of theme will suit it best? If you live in a suburb with lots of children, you want lights that bring festive cheer to everyone. 

If you live in a quiet street, too many lights might upset the neighbors. They can be difficult to enjoy as you dodge icy cold looks.

  1. Minimal Holiday Lights

If you prefer a minimalist look, then a simple stream of lights round the edges of your windows could be perfect.

Its enough holiday cheer to remind everyone of the wonderful season we are celebrating but not enough to have you registering on Google Maps. 

A string of lights across the roof and another framing your front door can look both stylish and subdued.

  1. Use The Garden

Garden lights are a great way to add some Christmas cheer to your home. Covering the house in lights is great but don’t forget your trees, bushes or fence.

It adds to the mood, and creates amazing features that disappear during the day. With so many solar light products available, getting working lighting up into trees is no longer a difficult feat.

Getting up into your trees could still be an issue, so make sure you have a secure ladder and someone to help you.

  1. Build a Holiday Lights Theme

If you like to choose a different theme each year, then you are probably interested in creating a lighting show about a movie being released, or a classic Christmas tale. Each year is a project. A big Project.

Its easy to get carried away. Remember you are building a theme, not a theme park. From an X-wing chasing the Death Star or Olaf singing a gentle song, the success of your theme depends on the details.

You could have a party and invite the neighbors, all dressing up in this year’s theme, of course. This can be a fun way to get closer to your neighbors and enjoy the holiday season. 

  1. Build It With Your Neighbors

If you are already on good terms with your neighbors then consider building a theme across several yards. Or maybe you could have separate but coordinated themes.

It could take some team work but it could be up there with the best flash mobs.. without the flash. 

Whichever option you choose, make sure its in keeping with your neighborhood, and in the spirit of Christmas. 


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