• 6 New Tips to Organize and Declutter!

    Declutter your home using every storage tool you can find – from closet organizers, wicker baskets, food storage containers, online diaries, kitchen chalkboards and anything else that will make a whole lot of space in your home. Its one of the best investments of your time – ever!

    plate storage

    Plate Storage – perfect for delicate or plate collections – more here.

    Start by releasing things from your life that you don’t need anymore to make life simpler.

    Take no prisoners! If you think you might need some things, don’t panic, store them so you know where they live. If you are sentimental about gifts or things passed down from loved ones, use or store them. But do you best to cull.

    Do one room at a time, one bag at a time or one hour a week but follow a decluttering method that suits you and your personality. Think big! Do you need lots of shelving like this mudroom kit?

    mudroom storage kit

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    Your day will run smoother, you’ll get more done and you will end the day with a smile… sounds good to me.

    The next step is to organize what you have left so you can find, use and store items are not only easy to find but easy to get to! Piling storage boxes can make it difficult to access; making your life harder, not easier… so remember, easy to find and easy to access!


    More Christmas storage ideas click here.

    Done right, your decluttering efforts will shave hours off weekly chores. We are all busy and its hard to stay focused when your list of things to do is bigger than the Federal Budget!


    Home organization is a great idea but how do you manage it without a professional to help you?


    Organize where ever you canlike this.

    Here are some organizing and storage tips and ideas from Guest Author Andy Rutter of Steel & Glass Balustrades. See if any of them fit your life and make life a little easier.

    Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Mind

    Guest Author Andy Rutter from Steel & Glass Balustrades

    Clutter makes up a big part of many people’s lives. Most of us don’t need it or want it; its what’s left over when other priorities in our life take over. Clutter isn’t unsanitary, though sometimes it can be unhealthy, that’s why we don’t always worry about it.

    kitchen storage

    However, clutter can quickly spiral out of control; slowing you down mentally and physically. Making it difficult to find things when you need them; wasting a few minutes here and there and frustrating your day with a stop-start motion.

    Too many of stop-start actions each day are tiring and can cause a short fuse or two!

    Finding ways to restore order to the chaos can breathe life back into your home.

    under stair storage

    Once you make the decision to cull the clutter, you’ll look back and wonder why you ever chose to live any other way. It many ways its a journey of self discovery; because what works for you may not work for anyone else.

    Choose Functional Furniture

    Let’s start with furniture. Firstly, don’t compromise between fashion and function.

    For anyone who leaves things lying on the floor after using sofas and arm chairs as additional storage, this is very useful. Why not upcycle furniture so its beautiful and functional storage.

    An vintage or antique trunk easily becomes a coffee table; but at the same time it stores throw or cushions.

    ottoman on pinterest

    Ottomans are great as additional seating, but they can also double up as storage making organizing your home simple. Add trays for remotes, flowers, or magazines and you are heading for some serious styling.

    The aim is to be aesthetically pleasing and highly practical. What else can conceal your clutter?

    Divide Your Desktop

    A cluttered workspace is hardly a workspace at all. If you can’t find anything on your desk, then your productivity levels will eventually fall to nought.

    Wall storage

    These wall storage ideas here.

    A tidier room results in a tidier mind, so organizing and sectioning your paperwork is essential. Set up dividers for all your important documents, in order to avoid unsightly piles. Throwaway or shred anything you no longer need to keep – saving valuable space on your desk will make it easier to settle down and work.

    Mount Your Collections

    If you own a particularly large collection of something, which you want to keep on display, then consider mounting it on the wall. You can make an arrangement out of pretty much anything, creating individual platforms for each trinket. This saves space in closets and cabinets, without the need for a mass clear out of all your beloved collectable. Of course, if these items are no longer of any value to you, then it might be time to ship them off to the charity shop.

    Rearrange The Kitchen

    Pantry storage solution

    Tired of rifling through every single pot and pan before you get to the ones you want? Changing the way you store your kitchen utensils can help make cooking a more enjoyable experience.


    Click for more..

    Hanging your pans above your cabinets until they are needed helps keep surfaces and cupboards clear. Displaying your utensils will also add a stylish dynamic to the room and remind you when something needs putting away.

    kitchen storage

    These and more…

    To create even more space, increase the storage capacity of your cupboards and drawers. Adding racks to pantry doors allows you to store more food and prevents it from taking up room on your worktops. Compact spice racks make the most of underused spaces, in order to leave cupboards free for more produce.

    Box Up Your Bedroom

    If you’re looking for a creative way to rehouse all the clutter on your bedroom dresser, then think about buying vintage jars and boxes. Storing your jewellery and ornaments in this manner will help keep everything organised, as well as adding a touch of class to your room.

    storage wardrobe kit

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    For large items, use bed risers to create more space below your mattress for invisible storage solutions.

    Use Glass To Add Class

    Glass is a natural tool for sculpting light and open spaces. Introducing it into your home will give any room an airy feel, making it seem less restrictive. Glass comes in many forms; use mirrors to create the illusion of more space or install glass balustrades along stairways to give a sleek and transparent finish. Once your house is open and free of clutter, you’ll begin to think more clearly too.

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  1. shelbygirl says:

    ..Ive been using divided storage containers for my silverware, for about…25 years…long before it was popular. I was using ” picnic’ utensil holders, or metal ones. I then started using Mason Jars , about 8 years ago, and these jars sit in a vintage red metal shallow basket. I couldnt stand having my things I use EVERYDAY in a drawer, collecting dirt and crumbs ! ewww ! same with all my cooking Utensils. only things in a drawer are knives/ two vintage glass juicers/ pastry brush/ things like that. I like to cook, so i want things readily accessible.

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