• Further Adventures in Palm Springs by Cheryl Maeder


    Further Adventures in Palm Springs, is Part Two of Cheryl Maeder’s trip cross country. Part One Desert Landscape – Fine Art Photography can be found here.

    Inspiration – A Design Process

    In Part Two Cheryl visits friends and uncovers mid-century furnishings, homes and designs. The design process for creatives like Cheryl Maeder, is fueled by lots of things .. like places and spaces.  That’s because the design process is a ‘systematic and coordinated methodology‘ added to information, intuition and curiosity.

    Cheryl Maeder is a fine art photographer, represented by Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris/New York and designer of a home furnishings line, Gardenhouse, “vintage gone modern” for outdoor/indoor living spaces. The design process for her is unique to her. This article gives you an insight into that process and her mid-century flirtation.

    Part Two – Further Adventures in Palm Springs

    by Cheryl Maeder

    As I had mentioned previously we reluctantly left Desert Hot Springs and Sagewater Spa and drove to Palm Springs which is only 15 minutes away.  Our good friends David and Paul have a beautiful modern home here.   I fell in love with Palm Springs which is a 21st century resort town complete with fabulous cutting edge boutique hotels and restaurants and yet the sweet soul of Palm Springs is also happily in the past… Many of the celebrities from the 50’s left the hustle and bustle of Hollywood to build their getaway homes here… as I drove along, I envisioned echos of Bob Hope, Cary Grant, & Frank Sinatra with the Rat Pack in the beautiful mid-century architecture that is preserved here…. I feel at home in Palm Springs as in Palm Beach.

    I am in love with anything vintage and the co-existance of vintage & modern… That is the same holistic approach to living that I have created with Gardenhouse…..

    Tramway Gas Station, designed by Albert Frey and Robson Chambers, now a landmark of mid-century modernism.  The building is now the visitors center for Palm Springs, CA

    Here is a photo taken in the modern kitchen of David & Paul’s home.  They were creating wonderful appetizers for us to eat to go along with the California Wine

    Their living room with mid-century furnishings

    As well as modern elements in the living room

    Paul, David and Gary, my husband in the beautiful patio area of the house with that great Californian wine

    The 50’s retro shaped swimming pool

    and here is David, of course, loving his vintage cadillac.  David as I had mentioned is a graphic designer whose clients include the Palm Springs Modernism Show.  Both David and Paul were relentlessly talking about the Modernism Show and not letting me leave till I promise I will return in 2013.  Don’t worry guys I am returning!

    As Gary and I go off into the sunset for our trip back to Los Angeles, here are some photographs that I have taken in the Desert at Joshua Tree National Park.

    The Palm Springs trip could be the spark of creativity that drives the design process for Cheryl Maeder into amazing wallcoverings, furnishings and photographs inspired by her mid-century adventures. If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment, a Like on Facebook or Pin it!

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