Appliance Repairman – Tips To Choose the Right Repairman

How to Choose the Right Appliance Repairman 

Sometimes home care and maintenance is beyond your skill set and you need an experienced appliance repairman. How long can your home function without a working oven, AC unit, toilet or roof? While most households can manage to unclog the garbage disposal, change AC unit filters or flush mechanisms of a toilet, other tasks need professional services. Be repairman-ready with a hand-picked list of the best repairmen in your area, so when you need a repairman you have already done your homework.

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When it comes to fixing plumbing or electrical appliances, there is little wiggle room for DIY enthusiasts. Your tinkering could make the problem worse, cause more damage or add to the cost of the repairs. This is vital with upmarket systems and appliances which need specialty parts and services.

The tips below will help you find the right appliance repairman for your home.

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Start With Reputable Home Warranty Providers

Increased public awareness has increased scrutiny on services provided by home warranty companies. Previously, less reputable home warranty companies would deliver low quality services with no recourse if things went wrong. Thankfully, most of these operators have left the market.

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With more stringent regulations in place, home warranty companies across the United States must comply with state and federal laws to remain in business, as well as profitable. Reputable home warranty providers include Endurance Home Warranty, Total Home Protection, and Select Home Warranty. And while these are well known, there are countless others and its worthwhile to do more research. 

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Professional Repair Services

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There comes a time when you have to make a decision. The truth is most budget items can easily be replaced. It you’ve had 7 – 15 years good use from an appliance, it may be better to invest your money in a new appliance with a good warranties and guarantees in place. This reduces the cost of repairs and gives you reliable appliances.

When upscale or luxury appliances stop working, there are other factors to consider. When you’ve spent money remodeling your home, added beautiful expensive high-end appliances and systems from La Cornue Grand Palais, Meneghini Arredamenti, or Blendtec, replacing these appliances is not something everyone can easily afford. 

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Upscale, luxury appliances need a professional repair company with a strong reputation and quality references. Even with the right licenses in place, strong customer reviews, relevant experience and are affordable, are they the only people to use? No, of course, not. Remember, some specialty appliances restrict who you can use to repair appliances if you want to keep warranties and guarantees in tact. 

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Regulated companies often cost more to employ but you can be confident that they will make good on repairs or replacement parts if things go wrong. It could be the best investment you make, and save your appliance at the same time.

Even if you don’t need the services of a regulated company, your repairman stills need the appropriate licenses in place, or at the very least Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation.

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Reliable Customer Reviews

We all love good word of mouth reviews. A good place to start when assessing a company is outside customer reviews. Make sure you read them. Even if someone leaves a 5 star review, read them to see what was missing or lacking, in the company’s service. And where possible, read the 2 or 3 star reviews too. You might find a pattern worth avoiding.

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Companies with a good reputation will normally provide quality service. But mistakes happen. You want a company that will fix any mistakes they make without argument or stalling. Look for reviews that cover additional call outs made and how the company dealt with customers under those circumstances.

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Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to find a great appliance repairman. Ask friends and family for names of quality repairmen or companies, the cost and appliances they repaired.  

Before technicians start work, make sure they are fully licensed and regulated to offer professional repair work. Make note that they carry out various safety measures while they work to keep you and your home safe. Good plumbers and electricians are worth finding.

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