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    Interior Design Trends is a hot topic right now and who better to talk about interior design trends, color of the year, Radiant Orchid, art deco design trends, how you can use them in your home and mix your styles, than our Expert of the Month for January, Shayna Scott.

    PIAZZA BAR TABLE powell and bonnellPIAZZA BAR TABLE powell and bonnell

    PIAZZA BAR TABLE powell and bonnell

    Shayna has selected larger furniture and lighting pieces you can use, and shows how to use smaller pieces to pick up this years Radiant Orchid trends without redecorating your whole house.

    Interior Design Trends for 2014

    by Expert of the Month Shayna Scott

    TUFTED SLIPPER CHAIR williams sonoma inc

    TUFTED SLIPPER CHAIR williams sonoma inc

    Each year, the design trends for furniture, color and decorating in general are decided on by design experts around the world based on consumer patterns, new technologies, material availability, the international economy, social and even political issues.

    However, this article is designed to help you sift through all the complexities of design trends and get down to the main points that you need to know.

    HEAVEN CHANDELIER Fire Farm Lighting

    HEAVEN CHANDELIER Fire Farm Lighting

    Here are some basic tips to help you get through 2014:

    • Avoid novelty items and stick to deviations of classical styles.

    o For example, unless you have money to spare, I would not recommended a chair that was a sculpture of a lion; it isn’t practical and chances are that this type of novelty item will be cliché and out of style within a years time.

    • Use neutral or soft colors as a base when painting walls and ONLY accent your space with “trend” colors.

    • Always consider the theme you are going for within a space when selecting seating.

    o For example, if you want a modern look, you wouldn’t use a Rococo style chair as a focal point.

    SHRIMP CHAIR by DDC Domus Design

    SHRIMP CHAIR by DDC Domus Design


    To give you an in-depth outlook of the color for 2014 I have looked to Pantone; the international color trend setting authority. iLast month Pantone announced that #18- 3224: “Radiant Orchid” would be the new color for 2014. 



    This is no surprise as the last few years have seen very vibrant “happy” colors like the 2013’s color selection of “Emerald Green” and the 2012 selection of “Tangerine Tango.” Radiant Orchid is a very feminine purple with pink undertones that will bring vibrancy to any space. (Hover over the squares below to get the color name).

    DAZZLING BLUE                     RADIANT ORCHID. PANTONE COLOR FOR 2014                 PALOMA

    CELOSIA ORANGE                                                                         PLACID BLUE


    Here are some great ways to use this and other accent colors:

    • Paint an accent wall a light shade or a cream color and use “Radiant Orchid” or your favorite accent color to apply a stencil pattern for added interest in a space.
    • If you’re unsure how to tie accent colors into a space, then find a throw rug or a piece of art with the color you desire. Then add other accent pieces such as throw pillows, blankets and/or vases that have the same colors as the rug or artwork for a coherent look.


    There are three main styles of furniture that will be very popular for 2014. In general, all three styles are variations of “Modern” styles but typically with a softer line than previously and can be mixed together within the same space.

    They are Art Deco, Classical Modern and Eco-Friendly/Organic:

    Art Deco Design Trends

    Art Deco is a modern style that was widespread by Frank Lloyd Wright and his fellow designers and has become an eternal part of our culture that never goes out of fashion.

    Stephanie Odegard-Champa-Leaf-side-table

    Stephanie Odegard-Champa-Leaf-side-table

    Classical Modern

    Furnishings that have classical motifs (Greek, Roman and Egyptian) and style elements will also be prevalent in 2014; think “klisko” and “x-form” style legs.


    Sustainability is now a standard in the design world, innovators have found fantastic ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle materials to generate new furnishings. Pieces made with reclaimed wood are beautiful because of the natural variation of wood grain, patterns and color that may be found in a single furniture piece.



    ii Classical pieces will be dominant in seating for 2014, particularly for dining, office and side chairs. Art Deco chairs will be more typically used for lounge and occasional seating while Organic furnishings will be found in all categories of furnishings.

    Look for these design trends, materials and details when shopping for seating:

    • Reclaimed Wood and other organic/natural materials.

     Stone Forest Coffee Tablestone forest coffee table -wood-closeup-showing-butterflies


    • Upholstered seating; particularly in tones of purples, blues, yellows, silvers and neutral colors.
    • Chrome tubular framing paired together with rich colors in leather and vinyl fabrics will be found in Art deco style seats.
    • Layering of multiple types of fabrics, tufting, pleats and other techniques that add depth.
    • The use of multiple different hues or one hue in a variety of tones and shades.

    In large, design trends of 2014 will not bring drastic changes in the Interior Design world, just subtle adjustments to an already standard modern style.

    FLO 4293 Fire Farm Lighting


    FLO 4293 Fire Farm Lighting

    FLO 4293 Fire Farm Lighting

    Remember to stick to timeless styles like Art Deco for big items and don’t spend too much money on novelty trends or items, you’ll be happy you did next year when trends change again. Good luck and happy decorating!

    i Carlstadt, N.J. Pantone Reveals Color of the Year for 2014 Pantone, LLC. 05Dec2013. Web. 14Dec2013.
    ii Nelson, Katherine. Hot List Furniture. Elle Décor Magazine. Hurst Communications, Inc. 2013. Web. 14Dec2013.

    Shayna ScottInterior Design Trends 2014 was by Shayna Scott Interior Design Consultant with a B.A. in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Las Vegas with . Shayna creates rooms that are not only functional and beautiful but at prices that everyone can afford.

    She draws much of her inspiration from traveling and living in different parts of the world.  Her passion is helping others to obtain spaces that are affordable, yet aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, functional and safe. She currently resides in Puerto Rico with her husband. 

    Shayna offers a range of mini tasks from choosing colors for a room to selecting major furniture pieces on Hop Skip Decorate or go to her site SLS Interiors to see a wider range of her portfolio.

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