• Beautiful Brass Lighting Fixtures for Entry Task Lighting

    Brass lighting fixtures have made a huge come back with interesting lighting and task lighting designs; shiny or dull finishes, chandelier shades, art deco, all made from hard wearing brass and a great addition to your home decorating.

    OK LIghting 25_inch Antique brass rosie crystal ceiling lamp

    Task lighting is so important. Particularly, task lighting for entries and hallways, on tables or as floor lamps. So when reader, Debra Connor asked for some brass lighting ideas I thought this would be a perfect topic for our Expert of the Month, Shayna Scott.

    Shayna has selected some gorgeous brass task lighting. Some pieces are high end designs, others you can find at Home Depot and Amazon and more moderately priced home decorating pieces. There are a few lighting ideas that DIY enthusiasts can copy too!

    Are Brass Lighting Fixtures Right For You?

    Guest Post by Shayna Scott

    A reader recently asked if I could shed some light on brass lighting fixtures. 

    Table Deco by: CTO Lighting Limited - Satin Brass

    Table Deco by: CTO Lighting Limited – Satin Brass

    There are three main questions you need to ask when selecting brass fixtures for your home:

    • What are the pros and cons of brass as opposed to other metals?
    • What is the current or desired style of your home or space?
    • What finish will work best for you?

    Waterfall Chandelier – by: Zia-Priven, Inc -Satin Brass

    Waterfall Chandelier – by: Zia-Priven, Inc -Satin Brass

    This may be a surprise, but brass is one of the best quality metals you can choose for a light fixture. 

    Titan Lighting Wall Mount

    Titan Lighting Wall Mount

    Because brass is made of copper and zinc, it is very strong and does not corrode. 

    Worldwide Lighting Versailles Collection 18_inch Flemish Brass & Glass Chandelier

    Worldwide Lighting Versailles Collection 18 inch Flemish Brass & Glass Chandelier

    Other metals such as stainless steel and aluminum will corrode over time, paint will chip off and they are more difficult to maintain. 

    Duke by: Delightful - Brass

    Duke by: Delightful – Brass floor lamps

    For this reason brass lighting fixtures are the best home decorating choice for:

    • Outdoor and landscape lighting.
    • Homes in coastal areas with high humidity and/or salt content in the air.
    • Any lighting application that you want to be low maintenance.

      Palermo Chandelier by Zia-Priven, Inc - Polished Brass

     Palermo Chandelier by Zia-Priven, Inc – Polished Brass

    The bottom line is that a brass lighting fixture will last longer than fixtures made from any other metal on the market. 

    Fangio 60_inch Antique Brass Floor Lamp

    Fangio 60_inch Antique Brass Floor Lamps

    The only negative aspect of brass lighting fixtures is that they are generally more expensive than other fixtures, but they are well worth the money.

    Trend Lighting Pique Aged Brass Table Lamp

    Trend Lighting Pique Aged Brass Table Lamp

    Brass lighting fixtures can be anything from traditional to modern depending on the style and finish of the fixture.  

    Hinkley Low Voltage Matte Bronze Island Spot Light

    Hinkley Low Voltage Matte Bronze Island Spot Light

    Here’s what to look for when choosing a fixture style:

    • Traditional fixtures are very ornamental with “Rococo” details and curved lines.
    • Chandelier or hanging fixtures with candelabra lights can also be considered traditional or transitional.
    • Fixtures with minimal details and straight lines will give a modern look to a space.
    • Fixtures that have concealed bulbs are also indicative of a more modern look.


    Nabucco LAR 185 Exterior Ceiling Mount by: Ollier Distributors, Inc.- Brass Patina

    Nabucco LAR 185 Exterior Ceiling Mount by: Ollier Distributors, Inc.- Brass Patina

    Choosing the right finish is also important because it will dictate the ease of which you can match them to other fixtures within your home or space as well as the amount of maintenance that will be required.  

    Brass fixtures come in two main types of finishes: polished and satin.


    Nymph Chandelier by: Koket -Satin Brass

    Nymph Chandelier by: Koket -Satin Brass

    • Polished Brass

      • This is a popular choice because it is easy to find which makes it easy to match with other fixtures and accessories within your space. 
      • This is a shiny finish that looks like gold.  It is very easy to clean and maintain but it cost more than chrome and brushed nickel. 
      • This finish can be used for a variety of styles from modern to traditional. 
    • Satin Brass

      • If you want a finish that looks less “flashy” then a “Satin” finish is a more appropriate choice.
      • This finish is better than the former when it comes to low maintenance because just like a matte paint, it does not show fingerprints, water spots or other discrepancies that will make your fixture look dirty.
      • This finish also works for modern to traditional styles, but has a more classy & subdued feel. 
      • This finish is one of the most expensive and is difficult to match, but well worth the extra money and effort.
      • If you plan to use this finish for more than one fixture or accessory, you should buy them from the same place at the same time to assure that the finishes match.

    Eternity Chandelier (Sconce also available) by:  Koket -Polished Brass

    Eternity Chandelier (Sconce also available) by:  Koket -Polished Brass

    In today’s market, there is a great variety of brass lighting fixtures to choose from that can give you any style you desire. 

    Vellum Wall Light  by Brabbu - Brushed Brass

    Vellum Wall Light  by Brabbu – Brushed Brass

    It is best to:

    • Go to a lighting showroom or other store that specializes in lighting to get the greatest selection. 
    • Be sure to ask a representative for assistance if you are unsure about anything before you make your final purchase.
    • Bring a photo of the space in which you are shopping for to choose the best match. 

    Cordelia Wall Mount Outdoor Polished Brass 7_inch Lantern

    Cordelia Wall Mount Outdoor Polished Brass 7 inch Lantern

     Good luck and happy light hunting!

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    Shayna ScottAre Brass Lighting Fixtures Right For You? was written by Shayna Scott Interior Design Consultant with a B.A. in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Las Vegas with . Shayna creates rooms that are not only functional and beautiful but at prices that everyone can afford.

    She draws much of her inspiration from traveling and living in different parts of the world.  Her passion is helping others to obtain spaces that are affordable, yet aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, functional and safe. She currently resides in Puerto Rico with her husband. Shayna offers a range of mini tasks from choosing colors for a room to selecting major furniture pieces on Hop Skip Decorate or go to her site SLS Interiors to see a wider range of her portfolio.

    Don’t you love Shayna’s home decorating selection? Natural lighting is the best but gorgeous lighting never goes astray – from floor lamps to chandeliers, wall sconces and candles. Great lighting can really change the mood and look of your rooms.

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  1. ellen says:

    i had brass in the 70’s and when i went to sell my home i changed all since they were saying it was dated.
    i am building a new home should i stick with chrome, polished chrome or something that wont be out of date in a few years.

    • Christine says:

      Hello EileeI appreciate the inquiry and your interest in the article. The location of your home has a lot to do with the finish that you choose. If you live anywhere near a body of water, especially near an ocean I would go satin brass because it looks very classy and requires very little maintenance, the polished brass look may go out of style in the future because design trends tend to be leaning more towards a minimalist look as we move into the future. This finish also compliments traditional and transitional styles in the home. Brass fixtures are becoming increasingly more popular because of their sustainable properties and these days, the durability of a product is high on everyone’s priority list. If you are going for a modern look, I would with an antiqued finish which almost looks black in color. Modern schemes focus more on neutral colors, black, whites and grays with accents of color. For this reason, the antique finish would blend well with almost any style and is the easiest of all to maintain. You may also consider a patina brass if you want a rustic look. Over time patina brass will turn a darker color that will give it a beautiful aged look. Hope I helped, good luck on the new house!

  2. Debra Connor says:

    Love all the fixtures and information. I think we will see a lot of brass this year.
    Thank you for such a wonderful post! Debra (Memphis, Tn)

  3. Lighting Trends says:

    Brass is a great material that can be used for dramatic effect in a fixture. Highly polished brass pieces can be breathtaking when used in the proper context. Thanks for the great information!

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