• Beautiful Kitchens: 3 Things to Make Your Kitchen Look Great

    Beautiful kitchens are something we drool over. Photo after photo of amazing kitchens with perfect pantry storage, crafted by the best designers. So, how can you get your own beautiful kitchen? Well, first there are practical things to consider such as  the work triangle. This will help you use your space efficiently, no matter what size your kitchen, and stop you walking miles each day from the fridge, cooker and sink. This working triangle should ideally be 1.5m to 2.4m from one point to the next.

    Kitchen experts, Homebase, is our guest blogger today with some great decorative ideas when it comes to thinking about kitchens. Don’t forget to check out their kitchen guide here which has links to an online planner, a downloadable planning grid and online planner app.Very useful if you are strapped for time and need a little help.

    Decorative Ideas For Your Kitchen

    Of all the rooms in the house, the one that makes the biggest visual impact is the kitchen. This is the room that’s the centre of family life, the hub of the home and where much of your day-to-day activity takes place. So, it seems to make sense that you should make your kitchen a pleasant place to be. There are a number of ways to give your kitchen a makeover, ranging from a lick of paint to a full kitchen refit, even incorporating design flourishes like wallpaper and blinds.

    Be Consistent With Kitchen Decor

    The most important thing to remember is to try and ensure your kitchen has a coherent design theme. If it is a traditional country kitchen look you’re going for, sleek modern appliances might look out of place. Likewise, if it’s a more modern, contemporary feel you’re after, try to keep your surfaces and lines clear of clutter and unnecessary ornamentation.

    Splash Out with Colour

    Choosing a neutral colour for your kitchen cabinets can really give you the freedom to experiment with your colour palate in the kitchen. There are loads of kitchen colour ideas that to play around with, just look at the huge range of colours from Farrow and Ball or Habitat or even traditional period colours from Crown. Make a statement with bold colours and a more relaxed look with simple and toned down pastel shades.

    Coordinate Your Appliances

    As well as the worktops, units and colour scheme, the kitchen is also home to lots of different domestic appliances. As well as being functional, these machines can also be style and design statements in themselves. A toaster, fridge or kettle can say just as much about your taste as the colour of the walls. Try to keep the appliances in keeping with the rest of the design theme. Choose colourful products that work well with the overall colour scheme and think about matching design styles – for example you might want a style to match your blue retro Smeg fridge.

    Looking in design guides is a great way to pick up kitchen ideas, and tips, and it gives you a clear idea of how your kitchen might look when finished. So close your kitchen trends 2012 scrapbook and think of 2013, it could be year your kitchen gets a little bit of a facelift. Pick a contemporary colour, replace the kitchen units or simply spruce up your appliances. You’d be amazed how even a few small touches can really make a big difference.

    Decorated Life has more articles on organizing your kitchen pantry here or how to make a kitchen chalkboard here here. Join our Newsletter to get more high impact, low cost decorating ideas for all areas of your home including kitchens.

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  1. Gretchen says:

    We’re thinking about painting our kitchen cabinets white. Right now they’re a whitewashed oak…light pink! We have black granite countertops and will be replacing the tile floor with a gray hardwood. I’m wondering what color white should we go with (or even possibly a light gray??). I saw in a magazine they had used a “Dove White” I don’t want a bright white. I wasn’t sure if there was a certain standard white color that was generally used or if was whatever! We have a fairly large kitchen and I don’t want to do it more than once!! I appreciate any suggestions.

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