• Color Combinations? No – Chocolate Inspired Generosity

    No color combinations, wall stencils or painted furniture

    Today is all generosity and chocolate.. oh, and meaningful home decor. The three go nicely together. May sound strange but no generosity and your  home decor will have no soul.. no matter how much  time you spent on your color combinations. Let’s look at what happens when you put generosity, good deeds and chocolate together!

    Everyone loves free stuff.. right? But this is a great twist on free – it’s attached to giving! The Danes are great with home decor but this is something outside the realm of painted furniture.

    Chocolatier Anthon Berg recently created ‘The Generous Store’ a pop up store where money is worthless because customers to pay with a good deed. That’s my idea of a Rockstar Decorated Life!

    So the more tiny generous deeds you do, the more your  painted furniture, home decor and yes, even your wall stencils, glow, embedded with your generous spirit, making your color combinations spill out of your walls and furniture to you, your family and guests and inspiring you to do more amazing things with your life!

    So back to free chocolate. You may not get any soon. That’s the bad news. Ad agency Robert/Boison & Like-minded is responsible for the ‘free chocolate’ for all campaign.

    The Generous Store created a temporary outlet in Denmark – for only one day folks –  and labeled each of its products on sale with a task.

    To buy the chocolate each consumer agreed to perform the task . Designed to spread generosity, the tasks typically included a good deed to someone else, such as ‘Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one’ or ‘Help clean a friend’s house’ or ‘Don’t talk behind your girlfriends back for a month’. Deeds to live your life by. It’s not about the chocolate – although, that’s soo sweet too!

    That didn’t mean you could just take your chocolate and run. No way, honey. Cashiers with iPads made sure there was accountability on all fronts. Chocolate buyers logged into their Facebook accounts – and pledged to carry out the good deed with a branded post on their wall.

    Anthon Berg was able to view the results of the promises when visitors to the store posted pictures and comments on the company FB Page.

    Imagine if this happened all the time! Sweet chocolate in heaven! People would think about generosity in different ways – and that leads to a Decorated Life! (Here are some links if you would like to read stuff about painted furniture, wall stencils or new blue color combinations.)

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