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    Books – Great Ways to Decorate Your Coffee Table

    Coffee table books are a perfect accessory for coffee tables, occasional tables and side tables. I love a minimalist room.. but I love books. I like them on display and close at hand to inspire when I have a few minutes spare to read or daydream.

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    Coffee Table Books Get Bad Press

    According to Wikipedia

    A coffee table book is a hardcover book that is intended to sit on a coffee table or similar surface in an area where guests sit and are entertained, thus inspiring conversation or alleviating boredom.

    So now you know the definition of a coffee table book – where’s the bad press in that?

    Since they are aimed at anyone who might pick the book up for a light read, the analysis inside is often more basic and with less jargon than other books on the subject. Because of this, the term “coffee table book” can be used pejoratively to indicate a superficial approach to the subject.

    They might be superficial for some but your selection also tells the world a lot about you – and that’s important, what you are thinking about, what matters to you and what you’re dreaming about. Books with a mix of topics and sizes, piled high looks great anywhere.

    Rules for Coffee Table Books

    There are no rules – no matter what Wikipedia says – you want to place your favourite economics, cookbook or history book on your coffee table – go ahead. They should look as if they belong together;

    1. place books together – largest on the bottom, smallest on the top
    2. hard cover books tend to look better; less wear and tear like dog-eared pages
    3. don’t stack books too high
    4. over sized books are a great anchor on an occasional, side table or coffee table
    5. try not to use them as tea or coffee coasters – you’ll ruin your precious books
    6. place together in colour themes to match your room’s decor
    7. organize them using trays – you can easily remove them if you need the coffee table

    What kinds of coffee table books are right for you?

    Island Hotel Stories

    Here’s an excerpt from a review at Amazon –

    I have visited a few of the places in the book. Illustrations are gorgeous. Paper quality is top-notch. Excellent source if you enjoy reading out loud to each other about “off the map” destinations. Well worth the money.

    You can read the full review at Amazon.

    Dior, 60th Anniversary

    Who hasn’t heard of Dior?  Dior, 60th Anniversary with original photography and text illuminate all about the House of Dior is now available. The book includes 150 beautiful haute couture dresses by Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre, and John Galliano. This is a great coffee table book that will never date and is full of inspirational ideas.


    Here’s a review on this 400 page book on Amazon –


    This is a HUGE book, but I suppose in order to sum up all that is Dior it takes a redwood. This book is exhaustive and it traces the Dior fashion house from the Elegant Mr. Dior to the iconoclast Galliano. I for one love the way Christian Dior made a woman look, his style was revolutionary in many ways, but traditional at the same time.

    You can read the full review at Amazon along with 15 other reviews.

    DIY Coffee Table Books

    If you’re not a Christian Dior fan consider creating unique books as your coffee table book. Unique books around a wedding, children, holidays and festivities or your own travel experiences are great as talking pieces and capturing your amazing memories. Blurb.com, Lulu.com and Collages.net have great ideas, prices and ways to make the most of your photographs and memories.

    Collectable Unique Books

    Unique books are very collectible in part because very few are printed. Unlike DIY unique books created by, and for, yourself or family, these collectibles are a definitive encyclopedia on a subject.

    You can find many gorgeous unique books at Assouline.com or Amazon.com. Here is a smattering of what is available.


    Inspired by the historic stories told in the Haggadah, this volume is richly illustrated by Gerard Garouste, a leading name in contemporary French painting.




    Hamptons Gardens takes you to private world in one of the world’s most exclusive residential areas. Photographers Mary Ellen Bartley and Doug Young, author and Hamptons-insider Jack deLashmet reveal Hamptons’ most exciting private gardens in this visually stunning edition, featuring work by groundbreaking designers Edwina von Gal, Oehme van Sweden, and Miranda Brooks.





    The Impossible Collection of Cars

    Inside it’s tire-black rubber case is a richly photographed compendium of 100 exceptional 20th Century automobilesVanity Fair



    Styles: Compendium of Interior
    This classic book explores the relationship between interior architecture and interior life. Readers see inside some of the most beautiful houses in the world, from the medieval to the 20th century.






    If you want more ideas Style At Home also have a list of Top 10 Coffee Table Books.

    Coffee table books are a great way to decorate your table. Other ways to decorate your table can be found in this article Table Decorations.

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