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Custom Built Homes – Expert Interior Design Service

By: Decorated Life Team |

Custom built homes are all about a fresh new start. Even with a builder package, building your own home is a lot of work. There are deadlines and expectations to be met. Most people get an architect and builder, and wing everything else, hoping the architectural design and builder will deal with it all. 

entry and stairs

Ever thought about using an expert interior design service? Most people think hiring an interior designer is out of their reach but you can try small online services like choosing colors or getting layout advice at Hop Skip Decorate for as little as $10 from highly experienced designers and architects including Shayna Scott.

So, who better than Marteen Moore, our Expert of the Month, to cover what an interior designer does for custom built homes.

kitchen by Marteen Moore

Whether you are remodeling your home, doing a small or large makeover, need a new kitchen or pantry storage, adding a second floor and needing under stair storage, an experienced interior designer can help you in so many ways to get the job done faster and even cheaper.

vanity and bathroom

Its not just about choosing a few colors or tiles; if you think your architect or builder can help you with furniture layout, color schemes, insulation or kitchen hardware, you might want to rethink your building strategy, so you end up with a home you really love and feel comfortable in.


This is exactly the kind of work Marteen Moore does.


In this article Marteen explains what you should look for when designing your custom built home and the value an interior designer can bring in cutting costs and reducing errors, making you rest easy and getting the home you want and expect.

Designing a Custom Home from the Ground Up

by Marteen Moore

When I am designing a custom home from the ground up, its important that I work with the individual clients, to learn as much about their taste, life style, needs and expectations.

Three Important Design Factors

It’s not always easy to work out what you like, and that’s why I find it important, if not vital, to work closely;

1. With the Architect; to insure that all the rooms are adequately size for what the room will be used for.

2. With the General Contractor; to specify everything from flooring, cabinets, counters, windows, plumbing fixtures and bathroom tiles are in keeping with the clients tastes.

3.  With the Client; to get a theme for the home, lifestyle and tastes. Then to create a furniture layout plan. This helps to know exactly the size, type and amount of furnishings we will need while the house is being built.

Here are a few pictures of a custom home I worked on.

circles, triangles and square on this Frank Lloyd Wright styled custom built home

If you notice, through out the home, there there is a theme, chosen by the client. The style of the home is transitional with a Frank Lloyd Wright feeling. We incorporated different geometric forms, from circles, triangles and squares.

The front of the home has all three. Circles on the front gates. Triangle shaped lights and square mullions on the top of all windows.

more circles, squares and lines with pops of color

The family room is comfortable and inviting and in close proximity to the open kitchen. Such a large space needs good task and overhead lighting, set into the ceiling, along walls to make the space feel larger and look brighter, and pendants for breakfast and casual dining.

The large square structure, acts as structural support and in keeping with the decorating theme. We continued the square theme in the furnishing; adding pops of color to create some interest and add some fun. The back of the counter stools have triangles and a circle. A similar detail that you will see on the dining curio piece. Notice the design of the book case,  incorporating different square and rectangle elements. Even the ottoman plays along.

brick styled glass splashback

The kitchen has an open feel. Themed organic moss orbs (circles) on the cabinets and more moss plants above the cabinets tie in with the geometric theme. Notice the glass tile back splash in a brick pattern.

geometric decorative theme

The dining room continues the decorative theme. The window coverings consist of 6 square copper finials.  As mentioned earlier,  the curio cabinet also has 6 squares, each with circles in the middle. The dining chairs have geometric backs while the square mirror and cabinet continue the theme and the rug and lighting contribute with circles.


The living room is warm and cozy. Squares and rectangles are highlighted everywhere, from the big square armchairs, to the square passes through niches, between the living room and the stairwell to the basement.  Circles are also to be seen above the mantel, three round coffee and side tables and rounded vases and ornaments in the square passes.

decorative theme of squares and circles

The squares allow additional natural light into the stairwell area and continues the decorative theme to be seen without adding any additional features.

round rug and square door features

Here we are where we began; with the front door keeping the theme with the square small windows, round rug and curved entry hall table.

All images supplied by Marteen Moore.

Interior Designer Marteen MooreBased in Las Vegas, Nevada, Marteen Moore, has been in Interior Design for over 23 years and featured in Better Home and Garden, House Beautiful, The Robb Report and Luxury Magazine.

She works closely with clients and their architects, to build large custom homes, from the Project’s early stages to get the details right.

But she is also well known for her remodeling Projects like the home Robert DeNiro leased when working on Casino, the larger suites at the Mirage Hotel and the home of Mayor Oscar and Carolyn Goodman.

You can see the diversity of styles and themes Marteen has completed over her great career. You can get more information about Marteen at her website.