Definition of Patina - Gorgeous! Copper Patina and Bronze Patina

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Patina is that thin greenish layer that forms on copper and bronze over time from corrosion, age and use to create copper patina and bronze patina. I love it! I love the look of it, how it got that way and what it stands for. That's the original, authentic patina finish. To me it says worn in and comfortable. That's my definition of patina.

aged patina doors:

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For those of us living in younger countries or younger homes, the original patina finish is not that easy to get - no, we have to manufacture it or buy the look.

great patina ceiling:

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We spend hours trying to make things look like they have that graceful aged patina finish to give the rest of our decor some character. We add the patina finish to add age and interest to doors, walls and furniture. Lost in Arles has a beautiful set of photos on copper patina and bronze patina which you can see here.

Often with the patina finish is rugged, worn wood. Like these doors.

patina, patina, more patina:

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These days you can create copper patina and bronze patina in a number of ways using acids to accelerate the patina look or by using patina paints on the market to give the illusion of patina.

There are courses on patina finishes but most of these are about antiquing or aging furniture using chalk or paint finishes - not copper patina and bronze patina looks which is where is all began. So, be aware of the differences before you sign up if you are going down the DIY route.

very Victorian garden... relaxed and welcoming - even if it is cold.:

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I love patina because there is nothing nicer than that worn in look that puts family, friends and me at ease it can go anywhere. Hope you enjoyed this article. Please leave a comment - I love hearing from you.