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    A desert landscape and fine art photography are loves of Cheryl Maeder when she is not creating very cool vintage furniture with a twist and amazing wallcoverings. Cheryl’s fine art photography is represented in Paris and New York by Galerie Mark Hachem.

    I came across Cheryl Maeder at GardenHouse Decor and contacted her, drawn to her sense of style.

    Source: gardenhousedecor.net via Christine on Pinterest

    When Cheryl mentioned she was leaving her “vintage gone modern” furniture behind to travel and do some photography for her GardenWalls wallcoverings line and her fine art photography, I asked her to take us along for the ride – so we can see through her lens the desert landscape and Sagewater Spa, Desert Hot Springs.

    Here is her article.

    Desert Hot Springs – Palm Springs Adventure

    by Cheryl Maeder

    On April 18th, my husband Gary, an artist/painter and I took off for California to photograph at Joshua Tree State Park near Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs.   I wanted to photograph the desert landscape for my fine art photography work entitled Dreamscapes  and also for our GardenWalls. A line of wallcoverings which I designed for Gardenhouse.

    With my showroom and studio located in a tropical beach town in West Palm Beach, Florida,  I needed to widen my horizons in my work by photographing in a desert landscape.

    A good sign that this was going to be a wonderful adventure was finding out at the airport that we were going to be seated in first class.  Excited we took our seats which were fit for the queen and king of England.  Being six feet tall, it was a luxury to extend my legs without the flight attendant tripping over them which usually happens.

    I then asked the flight attendant what movie is playing on this flight and she hands me a dvd player with tons of movies to choose from.  As I watch “Hugo” on the screen, I am sitting there with my glass of champagne with a smile on my face toasting my husband Gary with his glass.   On to the west coast and our adventure……

    When we arrived in Los Angeles, we got our rent a car and headed out on the Los Angeles 405 freeway.   Driving in Los Angeles, of course, we got caught in wall to wall traffic for some miles and of course we got lost on our way headed down south… Now it is a real art to get lost with a GPS.   Gary and I have discovered how this is done.  We constantly question her proper english commands to “turn right”/”turn left”.  Not trusting her, wde turn right or left by our own instincts, criticizing her judgements as if she was a live person sitting in the backseat.  By the end of the trip, I have learned how to trust the GPS lady, Gary is still shaky about this.

    After our two hour drive, we arrived at the Palm Springs/Desert Hot Springs area which is home to mid-century modernism architecture and decor. Driving along the freeway the terrain began to change from urban to the wide open desert landscape which I love.

    Sagewater Spa

    Our first stop on our destination was Desert Hot Springs, CA which is known for its healing, natural mineral springs.

    We were staying with our friends Rhoni and Cristina who own Sagewater Spa, in Desert Hot Springs, a beautifully renovated mid-century hotel.

    The hotel was built in 1954 and has been extensively remodeled and upgraded without losing the original mid -century architecture.  It is minimalist in feel with clean lines allowing the mind to relax as soon as you enter the door of the hotel.

    Sagewater Spa winner of the Traveler’s Choice 2012 award by Trip Advisor, is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges which are sweetly in the distance, so you feel this vast open, spaciousness and yet you feel protected by the mountains surrounding you in the distance.  If that is not enough to take the stress off,  Sagewater’s swimming pool is actually mineral water from their own well.  The mineral water comes from the ground at 165 degrees which they cool to fill their swimming pool and spa.

    The day we arrived Rhoni grilled a fabulous lunch for us on the grill at the spa.  The pool waters were so rejuvenating & invigorating for me,  I turned into a photographic machine running to the desert to shoot while Gary relaxed in the pool waters. The minerals in the waters were so intoxicating, you felt your body releasing the toxins and healing to the depths of your being.

    Sagewater Spa

    Sagewater Room View

    Rhoni and Cristina at pool with Sage, the dog

    Rhoni, an amazing chef, grills salmon, fluffy rice and wonderful salad for lunch at pool, yummy

    Rhoni and Cristina’s wonderful mid-century desert house, 50’s retro,  where Gary and I stayed

    After spending several days photographing in the desert, we reluctantly left Sagewater Spa, Gary had to literally drag me out of the mineral water, I didn’t want to leave.  We headed for Palm Springs which is only fifteen minutes away and stayed with our wonderful friends David, a graphic designer, and Paul, a landscape designer at their beautiful, modern home in Palm Springs.

    David (whose clients include the Palm Springs Art Museum and the Palm Springs Modernism Show) informed me that there is also a  Modernism Week which is a 12 day celebration of mid-century art and design that happens in Palm Springs.  I was told that people come from all over the world especially to see this show in Palm Springs.

    Next February 2013,  this is where I am going to be. We had so much fun in Palm Springs.  Paul took us to several galleries and we ate at the most wonderful restaurants that are in the town of Palm Springs.

    I hope you enjoyed this article by Cheryl Maeder and will visit her sites for inspiration, view her wallcoverings and great vintage furniture.

    Cheryl Maeder is a fine art photographer, www.gardenhousedecor.net/photography represented by Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris/New York and a designer of a home furnishings line, Gardenhouse, “vintage gone modern” for outdoor/indoor living spaces, www.gardenhousedecor.net.  Cheryl Maeder just recently launched a line of nature-inspired wallcoverings under the Gardenhouse Brand, GardenWalls, www.gardenhousedecor.net/gardenwalls

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