• Design Ideas and Nature Inspired WallCoverings by Cheryl Maeder

    Cheryl Maeder is well known at Decorated Life, for her range of design ideas and amazing upcycled furniture. Artist, home furnishings designer and international magazine photographer, her home decor style marries outdoor and indoor spaces to fit in with today’s lifestyle!

    cows on upcycled table

    Vintage upcycled furniture is a large part of Cheryl’s style and a constant in her own home.

    Cheryl Maeder's home with Sid

    Cheryl – home with Sid

    Design Ideas for Celebrities and the Hilton Hotel

    Cheryl just creates. She rarely talks about the glamorous parts of her life. Like being asked to place one of her fine art photographs in famous celebrity couple’s NY apartment for an upcoming architectural magazine feature. Below are just three of her fine art photographs.

    designing ideas

    Or announced by the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce as the winning Artist to shoot the cover of the Palm Beach Guide, which was published this month. 

    Her photography success is one thing, but Cheryl leads double life. At home she lives in a relaxed and comfortable home, filled with an upcycled style with vintage furnishings she loves.

    cheryl's dining room

    Cheryl’s dining room

    Cheryl's vintage outdoor style

    Cheryl’s vintage outdoor style

    Cheryl’s taken her personal home decor style and created her nature inspired wallcoverings and range of upcycled furniture and lamps. Its vintage old and digital new.These have been a great success. Like the wall covering below that almost looks like suede!

    Wall coverings

    Its not only the look and feel that needs to be taken into account. Take wallpaper or wallcoverings. If they are used for commercial or hospitality they need a fire rating. How do I know that? Because Cheryl told me about the project for GardenWalls she is working on with major international Hilton Hotel group in New York with designer, Susan Huckvale Arann

    Her upcycled furniture seen here is full of color, style and life.

    interior design ideas

    I asked Cheryl if she could fill me in on how she creates her furnishings and where she gets her design ideas. 

    GardenHouse Decor – Giving Life to Design Ideas

    by Cheryl Maeder

    Gardenhouse décor is a lifestyle; integrating the outdoors and nature into our indoor living spaces as well as bringing indoor elements and furnishings to our outdoor spaces creating a more holistic approach to living.

    upcylced outdoor furniture

    I am a fine art photographer & designer. 

    I first created Gardenhouse, “vintage gone modern” home furnishings for the outdoor/indoor living spaces with the emphasis on upcycled furniture. 

    upcycled furniture

    Cheryl’s kitchen

    GardenWalls, our nature-inspired wallcoverings, grew out of our client’s design requests to seamlessly blend their indoor/outdoor Gardenhouse home furnishings. 

    upcycled furniture

    Where do I receive my inspiration? From nature; the play of color and light inspire my designs and photography.  For GardenWalls, each of the collections feature elements that I photograph in nature.

    The GardenWalls are custom designed to fit any wall size and come in 52 inch wide panels. The height depends on the client’s specifications.  Each image is printed on High Quality Type 2 Vinyl and is Class A, Fire Rated. They are perfectly suitable for homes, hotels and other commercial installations.

    wall coverings and upcylced furniture

    Just walking through the mangroves to the seashore or strolling through the everglades in South Florida.  I find myself constantly being inspired to integrate nature into my designs.

    Travel also influences my work. The images I create during my adventures, whether in the United States or Internationally, flow into my fine art photography work Dreamscapes as well as into the GardenWalls. I see everything as being connected.

    Design Ideas come to life

    I approach the world with a holistic philosophy, seeing each moment as a passing painting waiting to be captured.  For me, art and design are inseparable.

    I see the GardenWalls Collection as more than just another wallcovering; they are a representation of the non-duality of Art, Design,  and Nature. The GardenWall designs have a cohesive intent behind them; which is to blend indoor and outdoor living in a way that brings a natural state of peace and comfort to a space.  The GardenWalls, The Dreamscapes Photographs and the Gardenhouse furnishings are all an extension of my own philosophy and lifestyle.  I like very much to contribute to the world in hopes of beautifying the spaces where we live our lives.

    GardenWalls Woodland Blue

    What separates my GardenWall designs from other wallcoverings, are the same qualities that distinguishes one piece of art from another.  It is the Style, the Emotion and the Energy that the Artist puts into the work that gives each creation its own magic.  The GardenWalls, like the Gardenhouse furnishings are modern, fresh and yet timeless in feel.

    Cheryl's living room

    Cheryl’s living room

    Our clients are of a broad spectrum of various ages and styles.  We work with clients in their private residences, as well as Hotels, Spas and other commercial spaces.  We are now working on a project with Designer Susan Huckvale Arann of American & International Designs for Hilton Hotels.

    As you can see, Cheryl lives in two worlds. Between new interpretations of nature and the sprinklings of vintage in her furniture. Design ideas whether for upcycled furniture or wallcoverings, take time and energy to create if they are to have longevity.

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