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    Kick Back and Relax With A Decorate Me Cocktail

    Home decorating can be really rewarding but sometimes, just sometimes, you need a break from choosing furniture for storage, sorting through vintage quilts and dealing with your clutter. Sometimes you need to chill.

    Okay, this is a little off topic but what gets the creative juices going more than a great glass of something?

    And even if the purse is a little lighter than usual, to really start thinking and living like a Rockstar you have to star feeling like one… so here is a little something I tried with some friends on the weekend that they really loved and I’ve renamed Decorated !!

    You can half the ingredients to make a smaller amount but this is so moorish that one batch was not enough!

    Decorate Me

    2 bottles of either red wine, dry white wine, champagne or sparkling wine ( we used an inexpensive domestic champagne)
    1 cup Benedictine
    Juice of 1 lemon
    1 – 2 cans lemonade or mineral water (optional)

    Chill all ingredients until very cold – the longer the better.

    Half an hour before guests arrive; or if it’s a more casual event – get out of your work clothes and release the energy of the day!

    Pour the ingredients into a large bowl add ice and pour into champagne glasses… the end.

    Let me know if you like this recipe with a comment and please share and like!

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