• Floral Designs That Will Have You Skipping into 2014

    Happy Floral Designs, Patterns and Fabrics

    Floral design and patterns have moved from the runway, into the home.

    They’re light, fresh and jolly. Forget staid country cottages or your aunt’s pristine sofa.

    Like yellow, floral designs are a hot decorating trend for 2014. These floral accessories from Belle and June are fresh and bright and classic enough not to date.

    florals - belle and june

    Source: Belle and June and Just Fabrics

    Think vintage.

    Think bold flashes of color.

    Think floral patterns splashed over a white canvas.

    Perfect if you have a muted or white backdrop.

    floral collage - pinterest

    Source: Pinterest

    Cast out ghosts from floral past and images of tired, faded, dusty cottons and linens and bring on the new round of floral fabrics.

    Impact Using Floral Print Fabric

    To get the greatest impact from your floral design group small-scale prints together, in a mix of colors.

    A mistake people often make is going small. Small-scale doesn’t mean small pieces. In fact, small-scale floral print fabric looks even better on larger pieces; ottomans, cushions, pillow slips and quilt covers.

    If it’s all looking too much, add a block of color to balance and ground different patterns.

    Want a more exotic look? Use a bolder pattern.

    bedroom mix

    Source: Pinterest, Homelife,  Just Fabrics and 79 ideas

    New Floral Fabrics

    • You don’t have to layer your look. Break tradition; choose one piece with a large bold, amazing floral pattern for great contrast.
    • Choose your color palette. Color co-ordination is as important as pattern combinations. Find floral designs that makes your color scheme pop.
    • Don’t mix decorating styles.  Modern graphic, traditional or country florals don’t mix. But.. if you must have two different style floral patterns, use one color palette to tie it together.
    • Mix fabric materials, textures, sheen, weight and textures. It creates depth and interest. Use linens, silks, cottons etc.
    • Too many small patterns together can look cluttered. Add large patterns or a bold color to break it up.

    joss and main

    Source: Joss and Main

    • Repeating patterns through out a room should be ‘used with care’. Don’t overdo it.  If you have a small chair or ottoman covered in a particular pattern, yes, add a pillow in the same pattern elsewhere. But large floral curtains can take up a lot of visual space. Maybe a little of the same print on a side chair or throw pillows. It can look overdone and orchestrated.
    • If you like bold, then be bold. Floral patterns look great when they have big patterns and strong colors.
    • Connect your floral patterns. The easiest way is with color or tone like the pieces above from Joss and Main; soft enough to go anywhere and still create a fresh new look.

    Off the Wall Floral

    The new floral designs for 2014 are about movement, color and creating mood.

    Move past floral fabrics; introduce floral designs with paintings, wallpaper (Graham and Brown below), stencils for furniture, decals or even paper flowers.

    Used well, floral fabrics add excitement, color and life to your home.

    Wallpaper and Floral Patterns

    graham and brown - collage

    Source Graham and Brown

    Competing wallpaper patterns can make a room look fussy and over-decorated.

    Your wallpaper pattern or scale should not compete with other areas of your room.

    Whether it’s large, medium, or small, other patterns should have different scales. For example, if your wallpaper has a small-scale pattern, choose a large-scale pattern for your area rug.

    Easy Floral Design Tips

    Color Plus White

    For a simple, easy and elegant floral pattern scheme, use only one color with white. This makes it easy to mix patterns; stripe, floral and geometric patterns without becoming messy or overwhelming. Remember; one color plus white. And perfect if you already have a mostly white color scheme.

    Beyond White

    Colors directly across from one another on the color wheel, like red and green, are a great match. Move down one tint to pink and you have a whole new look and a splash of fun. Green with yellow also work well since they share a common hue. Suddenly, a floral design in pink, green, and yellow creates a great looking color scheme.

    Beyond One Scale

    Once you have selected your color scheme, start building your floral design. Start with one floral pattern and build it from there. It’s easy. If you have an existing color scheme,  a floral design is an easy way to revive it, adding movement, color and mood.

    You can even start in the bathroom.


    joss and main

    Source: Joss and Main

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    To find some of the great floral designs above and more go to Graham and Brown, Belle and June or Joss and Main. Just type in floral in the search bar and rummage around.

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