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New French Style – The Sum of the Parts

By: Decorated Life Team |

French style is no longer about French furniture, family portraits in gilded frames, silverware and thick heavy curtains.

Today it’s about home accessories and more importantly, how they are all put together. Its that clever mix of texture, layers and contrast that makes the most of each elements, that still manages to be luxurious and cozy at the same time.

Its probably because the French have a great understanding of paint, patina, aged effects and how to use natural light to the greatest effect.

French decorating is elegant and chic but not always formal. Rooms stuffed full of antiques and gold framed paintings is all but gone.

There is still a certain formality that French home decorating uses. It often uses aged furniture as its base, but what makes it stand our, is the choice of accents, paintings, home accessories, linen and even flowers that makes this decorating style desirable and difficult to recreate.

The new French home decorating style often use less not more. And with any minimalist style, the less you use, the more important each piece becomes. How each pieces fits together creates your mood and tone for each room. From modern day hipster French decorating with velvet and chrome or more rustic farmhouse decor, the range of decorating styles may be broad, but for the French, its all in the details.

You get a strong sense of the raw French style from the many photos at the blog The Paris Apartment – Sum of All Parts which is less floral and flouncy – and a decor style I prefer. It mixes these styles in a balanced way that is enduring and yet modern. 

This great article displays a wonderfully eclectic mix of modern, vintage and old to create dramatic rooms and a confident sense of style.

Sum of the Parts