Garage Makeover: Turn Your Garage From Drab to Fab

Garage Makeovers From Drab to Fab

A garage makeover can help you organize your tools, garden rakes, shovels, sporting equipment and the other things that get stored in your garage, including your cars. Think garage station, mudroom, sport station, pet station and second refrigerator, plus cars. That’s a lot for one space but it can be done.

Garage stations

This post is more about garage storage and functionality and using good decorating to pull it together. 

Paint the Walls

Most garages come unfinished. Painting your garage walls can make the world of difference. First, paint the drywall using drywall primer not regular paint primer. Drywall primer seals sheet rock and gives you an even finish. It also saves you money.

tool organizer

If you use regular paint, the first coat or two will disappear, soaking right into the drywall. You will need to add more coats of paint before you get a finished looking wall. 

In the long run, it is cheaper to use drywall primer, and then regular paint. Your finished product will look better and it will take less paint and time to complete.

You can always use one large pegboard and paint that instead, like this garage wall below from Martha Stewart.

Pegboard Organizer

Hang Pegboards

Installing a pegboard is a great way to store smaller garden tools, screwdrivers, saw blades, and sport equipment. These are fun because you can do so much with them. You are not bound to preset sizes. You can move things around to fit your needs.

garage peg board

They also come in different finishes: aluminum, galvanized steel, and wood. You don’t have to keep these silver or white. You can paint these any color and even change the design.

Be sure to check the material, so that you get the right type of paint.

Add Garage Shelves

If you need a lot of storage, you can add shelves from the floor to the ceiling. You can add standing shelving units or hang regular shelves.

Garage Organization Ideas

Wall-mounted folding workbenches are a great addition to any garage makeover. They offer a bench to work, wall storage for all your tools and the folding bench helps you to hide it all when you are done.

functional garage makeover

If you need sturdy shelving, you can always have them professionally installed. Think about the type of boxes or tubs you will use.

Garage tubs

For a really clean, chic appearance, use solid tubs with uniform labels throughout the garage. If you want to have a little fun, you can make patterns with different colors. You can change the color of rows or columns. You can paint the shelves too. If you use your garage as a pet feeding station, for repairs, and storage consider using a garage heater to warm the space. There is nothing colder than working in a garage during winter. There are quite a few on the market, but not all of them are suitable for heating a large garage, while others either overheat or don’t have a temperature control.

Consider stacking items like surf boards or bikes up the wall and not along it. 

bike station in garage

Don’t Forget Garage Ceiling Storage!

Garage ceilings are the most forgotten piece of storage real estate. Used wisely, you can create a lot of storage from your ceiling.

Ceiling storage

These shelves are perfect for rarely used items like suitcases, decorations and clothing.

You can install drop down shelves that mount to the ceiling. This is a good place to store boxes and tubs, even your Christmas tree. By using the ceiling space strategically you will have a more open, spacious garage.  

Garage Floors

epoxy floor garage makeover

There is so much you can do with your flooring. You can apply epoxy to the floor. This can be really fun. You can apply any color. Epoxy is good for covering imperfections in the floor and cuts down on the dust from the cement. Its not a quick process but it is a good investment. 

There is a two-part application system, followed by sealing topcoat. 

  • Repair potholes or cracks on your garage floor.
  • Sweep, scrub or mop the surface with all-purpose cleaner. Repeat, rinse and allow to dry.
  • Stir epoxy paint. Add the smaller can of hardener and mix thoroughly.
  • Fill a paint tray with the paint mix. Paint from the perimeter of the garage floor until smooth.
  • Allow to dry for 24 hours before applying a second coat.
  • Mix your final sealing topcoat with hardener, stirring until blended. Wait 30 minutes. Apply the top coat to your garage floor. Use after 72 hours.

You can also use products like BEHR Premium Granite Grip from Home Depot:

  • Non-slip, non-reflective or glossy
  • Simpler than 2-step epoxy 
  • Durable and resists stains and grease

For additional instruction and examples, check out this  how-to video from Behr.

If your garage makeover is more about entertaining than storage, consider painting on stripes or a design.

floor tiles

If you prefer you can use mats or tiles that you can install. There are mats that roll out like a rug, tiles that interlock, and peel and stick tiles. When deciding what type of flooring to add, consider how you will use this space. Will you drive over it? Will you be working on vehicles that could leak oil or other fluids? After you know your needs, decide your skill level for installing the floor.

These are just a few tips and ideas for your internal garage makeover. If you want to makeover your garage exterior, here are some ideas.

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