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Glammy Italian Villa and Garden Decorating at Lake Como

By: Decorated Life Team |

Ever wondered what it would be like to look inside an Italian Villa at Lake Como? I went on the hunt for some home decorating ideas and wondered how people of means have decorated their homes over the centuries. I selected some great rooms and gardens decor to drool over.

Kilims in Italy

Okay, not everyone owns an Italian villa at Lake Como or has got buckets of money to spend on home decorating but think outside the rug.. and improvise. I recently wrote on fabulous kilims and what an impact they can make on your decorating (read more here) – and here is more proof below in this Italian Villa at Lake Como .. so add a kilim to your floors.

Source: luxury-italian-villas.com via Christine on Pinterest

Yes! Less gold color scheme and more bath, but you get the idea. I would like some wall sconces and more candle light in this bathroom, instead of a single pendant light.

Source: homebaseabroad.com via Christine on Pinterest

The large room is framed and gray and white color scheme above is uplifted using classic kilims. Can’t afford a kilim – paint one instead.

Sex Up Your Color Schemes

Source: homebaseabroad.com via Christine on Pinterest

From kitchens to living rooms, using a color scheme to your advantage can make all the difference between successful home decorating and – meh.. too much warm wood and rooms feel smaller and even oppressive. Too pale and rooms can feel insipid and dull.

Source: homebaseabroad.com via Christine on Pinterest

Pale yellow or lemon looks refreshing in this very classic room.

Source: homebaseabroad.com via Christine on Pinterest

Don’t underestimate shifting your decorating up a notch by using a shocking color scheme, gorgeous silk or taffeta or an oversized mirror to create a very chic effect. This works particularly well with muted color schemes – the shocking color interrupts the color scheme and adds interest.

Creating an Amazing Outdoor Living Space

I love this intimate dinner setting below. Anyone can buy a crisp clean tablecloth and create this beautiful outdoor living space for dinner. Few of us remember to use or even have a clean tablecloth – but look at the difference. You would never think the outdoor furniture at this villa could be old, tired or doesn’t match.. I wonder? And who would care in soft heavenly candle light and good company?

Source: homebaseabroad.com via Christine on Pinterest

Maybe seat covers and ironing a clean tablecloth are a little stiff for you.. I hate ironing – but if the condition of your outdoor furniture is less than perfect, this is the perfect idea. A clean tablecloth, candle light and you are ready to entertain.

It’s more about the attention to detail that creates a Rockstar impression, than showing off new outdoor furniture,  that ultimately creates the atmosphere… plus gorgeous Italian wine!

Source: homebaseabroad.com via Christine on Pinterest

You don’t need a fussy table but you do need mood creators – natural wood, linen (make sure you use a clean tablecloth and napkins), massive amounts of candle light, and sparkling clean glasses. These all add to your garden decorating palette. I mean, that might be an Italian Villa at Lake Como above but the glasses and hurricane candle holder look very Swedish (read Ikea) to me.

Ceiling and Floor Color Scheme

Source: homebaseabroad.com via Christine on Pinterest

From outdoor furniture we move to ceilings, moldings and paint to create an enormous impact on your home decorating. You don’t have to become Michael Angelo but add some moldings, paint and a great chandelier and you will get an amazing effect. This villa sitting room also uses elegant outdoor furniture to balance out the very glamorous ceiling.

Source: homebaseabroad.com via Christine on Pinterest

As you can see above – it’s all about illusion. And while this ceiling is spectacular, marble statues, kilims and wall candle light for effect look at the floor.. You can easily reproduce this flooring effect by painting floorboards or using concrete paint with a few stencils. Wall stencils and floorboard stencils are easily available or you can even make your own.

I love home decorating when it makes this kind of statement. It takes the simple elements of candle light, outdoor furniture, paint decorating effects on floor and ceilings and creates a room worthy of an Italian Villa. And it reminds me that no matter where you live, you can create your own home decorating style that is over the top, perfectly elegant and comfortable. If you enjoyed this look at Italian Villa decorating, please leave a comment – I love to hear from you.