Home Improvement for Health, Wealth, Curb Appeal and Sale Value

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Done right any home improvement projects will give you huge returns. Its not only the pleasure of living in a beautiful functional home but curb appeal and success when it comes time to sell. With so much at stake home improvement requires a great deal of care and attention.

It needs to be tackled with the end in mind, sale value. There are some things you can budget, even skimp on, some you can ignore completely, others that focus on removal and then finally those that are about improving.   

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The best home improvements take research, planning and budgeting. The last thing you want to do is overspend, even if you have a generous budget. Becoming aware of the right areas in your home that need improvements takes time.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind. Swimming pools, over building for your suburb, extensive landscaping, partial high-end upgrades, wall-to-wall carpeting and upgrades like plumbing or an HVAC unit will not increase the value of your home. At best you will get your out of pockets expenses paid and not a lot more. 

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Creating a Healthy Home

Sometimes the best home improvements are the ones where you simply remove to improve. It sounds simple and logical but consider what it takes to make the home as healthy and impressive as possible. Many of the risks in our homes are invisible. Did you know that homes have less natural ventilation than ever before? In fact, is your house making you depressed? It can if you don't have good air flow, natural light and if it is loaded with chemicals.

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Double glazing, insulation, and air conditioning all effect air quality by confining pollutants and allergens to your rooms. Invisible mold spores can quickly multiply, while gases from building materials, glues, gas appliances and heaters all work to reduce the quality of our air. Flooring, glues, varnishes and even paints all give off fumes. Reduce the fumes and improve the value of your home.  

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Prevention can reduce health problems like headaches, insomnia or asthma and give you energy and the best night's sleep ever. Would your home be worth more if you could improve some of these?

And while no-one likes the idea of replacing something like insulation or your air conditioning that no-one sees, consider having it regularly inspected and maintained as one step towards an upgrade. The best policy is to maintain what you have, keeping them in working order and only replacing when you need to, not when you are selling. 

Healthy Home Tips

If you think you have a problem with air quality begin by testing your air for radon, carbon monoxide or mold. If radon is present you can seal floors to stop gases from entering your home. Test for damp and mold and get a professional to help you with both.


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If you have air quality problems or respiratory health issues begin by removing carpets. Wood floors and tiles are easier to clean and don't absorb tiny dust particles and allergens. Remove pet hair often using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

Add floorboards

When possible open your windows to clean your air and reduce pollutants including cooking smells.

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Add air purifying plants around the house, they are perfect for absorbing carbon monoxide and other gases. You can always fit your home with an energy-efficient ventilation system to filter air coming into your home and remove allergens and dust mites and reduce humidity, damp and mold.

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Call The Professionals

There are times when no matter how much DIY you apply, you need a professional to fix or improve your home. You can certainly maintain your home but when it comes to major works like roofing. removing structural walls or needing the plumbing fixed you will need a licensed professional to help and sign off on the work completed.

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Many houses being sold have failed their inspections on items like roofing, electrical, structural engineering and plumbing. Sales have fallen through, sales have been lost and suddenly the home you wanted to buy or sell has a strike next to it. This is an investment worth making.


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With so much at stake, the buyer can ask for a reduced sale price, or to have these works completed at the seller's cost before they will consider buying the property. Make sure all these items are legal and compliant with the laws of your state before you sell.   

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Extend Your Home Improvement

There are a lot of things you can do to your home to make it more valuable, comfortable, up-to-date and impressive. From fire places, kitchen renovations or bathroom additions, an extension is one of the best but even the addition of beautiful windows and doors, adding landscaping that is functional and breathtaking can improve your curb appeal.

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An extension can improve the value of your home, gives you and your family more space and adds functionality of your home. A home designer or architect can give you ideas, planning tips and budgets to get the best extension for your money. Tackle each project like fencing, landscaping, kitchen, bathrooms and extensions as individual projects or as one larger project. 

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Make Improvements

Home improvements need time for research and planning to help you make the right kinds of changes to your home.

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Improving the resale value is made up of making your home look nicer as well as making it a better place to live. And what that means is looking at improving the way you live in your house, streamlining the design and taking care at how your property comes across.