• Home Security Measures for Small Homes


    Home Security measures for small homes used to consist of locking the front door. With burglaries on the rise, even in neighborhoods where you wouldn’t typically expect, you need to rethink your home security.

    GE Personal Security System

    Every home and neighbor should be on the look out for strangers, odd behavior or anything out of the ordinary. With a few simple things in place, you, your home, and your family will be safe. The simple doorstop gadget above gives a screeching sound when activated, scaring off unwanted intruders. It also prevents them from going any further.

    Smaller homes are on the rise, it’s not only the economic times, but lifestyle changes. As smaller homes become more and more common, it makes it easier to protect them and its less expensive. Strong doors, and solid window locks are expensive, so the less you have, the less it costs to install. That’s one less cost, but with great locks on your doors and windows, your home insurance costs should also come down. 

    Here are 5 key steps you can take to make your home safer:

    1. Invest in a Home Security System

    Do you need the best home security system? Maybe, maybe not. But with some research and a comparison of the top services in your area, you could protect home for only a few dollars per month, and get an amazing home security system. Or you could start with a piercing alarm from GE from $15 like the one below.

    GE Personal Security System

    What special features should you look for in a security system? Start with alarms that work even if the burglar cuts your phone line, and even if your broadband is down.

     home security systems

    Get mini-cameras that zoom, pan and record easily searchable footage, and window/door sensors that react to intruders but not to your family pet. It’s common to have control over the whole system using your smart phone, with remote access. 

    2. Get a Pit Bull

    Making getting into your home more difficult is what it’s all about. Any dog that will alert you, or your neighbors by simply barking is a great asset. Dogs will alert you that someone is outside and scare the burglar enough to go elsewhere.

    Golden watch dog

    Most burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m, on weekdays when they think you are at work or picking up the kids from school. Often burglars are substance abusers. All they want is fast cash.

    They look for homes that appear empty during the day, are dark at night, look well off and easy to break into. Most burglars don’t break glass or pick locks. It makes noise, could draw attention and takes too long. 

    Instead, they kick in a door, with or without a dead bolt, pry open the sliding door or window. Window screens and storm doors offer little protection, so don’t be careless.

    burglar proof your home.

    These burglars are in a hurry and stay away from homes with dogs, and an alarm system. Frustrate their attempts to break in, and hide your items to make it difficult to find and take if they do get inside.

    Maybe you don’t have a tough, “dangerous” dog that loves you, but as long as it barks, a dog is a great way to have a friend on the inside when you are out. 

    3. Get Good “Security Habits”

    Most home security is about mindset. Often it’s a matter of using security devices and systems you already own and have in place. Yes, that means locking your doors, even when you step out for a few minutes. It only takes a few minutes to clean out your valuables and what they don’t take this time, they can make notes for next time.

    Don’t leave your spare key under the doormat or any other obvious place. If your entry is dark, leave a light on at night when you are out, unless you feel this is a signal to the burglar that you are out!

    Let your dog roam either in the house or yard at night to alert you to anyone trespassing on your property. Add security signs to windows or doors, whether you have a home security service or not. The burglar doesn’t know if its real or not.

    4. Focus on Blocking Entry Points

    Most burglars take the easy way into your home. It’s unusual for an intruder to cut through a wall or come through the roof, but it’s not unheard of.

    Focus on making normal entry points, like doors and windows, difficult to use and you’ll greatly reduce the chances of being burglarized. Use locks on front and back door screens as well. That’s double the trouble to get into your home. With all your windows locked, they will move on, leaving your home in tact.

    Safe Home Security Tips

    Invest in high-security-built windows, install a hardwood or metal front door with a tough metal frame, and make sure all doors/windows have heavy-duty locks.

    Don’t forget about less than often used back or side doors, and don’t leave the garage door open.

    5. Have a Plan of Action

    You never want to open a door without seeing who’s on the other side first. A peephole lets you do that. If you entry door don’t have a peephole, install one. For a minimal cost, you will feel much safer. They are relatively easy to install and are inexpensive. This one only costs $15. (click on the image for more details)

    peephole for door

    What would you do if an intruder comes while you and your family are at home? What would you do?

    This depends on the type of intruder, if they have any kind of weapon, if they are agitated in any way and who else is at home.

    Prepare before it happens. It good to have local police on speed dial. Move out of the burglar’s path, leave the property if you feel threatened in any way. And as a policeman once told me, ‘if all else fails, it never hurts to scream and throw things’. 

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