What's Hot in Bathroom Design This Year

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What Is In for Bathroom Design This Year

If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom, or simply update or restyle your bathroom, here are the hottest bathroom design trends. These styles might be different, but there is one common element they all strive for; drama, and used properly these bathroom design styles will give you drama in spades.

plank wood wall in industrial bathroom

Minimal is Still In

Minimalism has been around for a while, and is most likely, here to stay. The simple lines of minimalism are truly calming. Crisp edges and cleared surfaces create a sense of emptiness, room to move, room to breathe and a moment of still peacefulness.

minimal bathroom

The high contrasts between light and dark colors, sharp and smooth surfaces perfectly accentuate the essence of minimalism.

In a sparse, plain bathroom, details are added to attract attention. A single decoration can instantly become the focus of the room. So, choose wisely. The wrong accessory can look completely out of place and spoil the mood.

Penthouse bathroom design

To be truly successful, a minimalist bathroom must be clean and mess free. Clutter and dirt become ten times more visible in this type of bathroom. Some people love keeping their bathroom in order and immaculate at all times and this style helps to reinforce that design trend.

strong lines in bathroom design

Minimal design is a great option for small bathrooms, and the perfect starting point for more intricate designs. Is Minimal Bathroom Design for you?

Minimal bathroom designIndustrial style

Industrial bathroom style is such a strong trend particularly in up market restaurants and coffee shops and now the trend is taking over the home space.

Vintage Industrial bathroom charm

Industrial style is its own unique branch of vintage style and its taking the bathroom world by storm.

Paring back the patterns, detail and, some would say, froth of 'traditional' vintage style, this is all about exposed pipes, detached tanks and wooden surfaces for a completely unique feeling that blends texture and materials to create looks that are difficult to resist.

vintage industrial bathroom design

Exposed walls – mostly concrete or brick – are staples of this style, but you can also achieve it in tiled bathrooms by simply adding metallic elements and changing up a piece or two. Think steampunk-meets-old-factory.

 industrial bathroom design

Once thrown together in a hotch-potch way, done right today, industrial has a slickness to it, that is all at once elegant and rich, by combining the right materials together.

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Dark Colors

Dramatic dark hues were once considered unwelcoming and daunting, but that perception has changed and this trend is going viral. Dark hues create the perfect dramatic modern bathroom design people want, because its rich and stands out.

#reforma #baño de color carbón, lavabo sobre encimera de obra, acabados microcemento, zona de ducha con cerramiento de vidrio.:

A word of caution - if you have a very small bathroom, take care how you use this trend; the dark colors can make your bathroom look smaller and without enough light, dim.

dark bathroom trends

But, for most bathrooms, a darker color might just be what your bathroom needs. Allow some contrasting colors and surfaces otherwise it will look like one dark square!

To capture the essence of this look make sure any heavy, dark color walls are balanced with metallic accessories, reflecting warm gold, brass or copper and include white ceramic or marble sinks, toilets and bath tubs.

Darkest Green walls

Good quality natural light, and task lighting, will make being in this bathroom a pleasure, and not scrambling for a torch.

dark walls and light tiles

The colors mostly used for this style are dark blue, burgundy, deep forest green and even dark gray to black can be a great way to incorporate this highly dramatic theme.

3D tiles

A simple, dramatic feature that is sparking more and more attention is the use of three-dimensional tiles.

bathroom 3d tiles

They are a great option if you are looking for something different but would like to use the quality, durability and comfort of tiles.

The best place for these tiles is on walls, never floors, because they could cause someone to trip and fall.

3d tiles

On walls, they add texture, and a feature, giving your bathroom a whole new look. They come in a variety of designs and colors depending on your bathroom layout and style.

bathroom wall tiles:

There are symmetrical, crisp patterns for a minimalist bathroom, or seamless patterns for texture against dark or industrial walls.

Media and Music

Entertainment media in bathrooms is a growing trend. As delivery mechanisms become cheaper, newer homes in particular, are adding these features to new homes as standards to lure buyers. While some are creating no tech rooms  others are just moving it to other parts of their homes.

Bluetooth Music Bulb LED

From flat screen TV to sound systems, connected to your smartphone, listen to your favorite tunes or watch the news while taking your morning shower.

Television in bathroom design

Make sure everything is properly installed, to reduce the chances of accidents and media failure.

Round Mirrors

Circular mirrors are a great addition to the new sharp, crisp edge looks of many modern bathroom designs.

round mirror

They balance the sharp lines of our modern world. Use a round mirror to soften or tighten the look of your bathroom by changing the frame. If using a thin, metal frame, even frame-less mirror, you will create a modern, clean look.

Large ornate frames in a bronze or copper colors, you help you with your industrial look.

black vanity in the bathroom, round mirror

Circular mirrors remind us of portals on ships, and blend in nicely with the water theme of the bathroom. 

mirror roundThe bathroom need to be sturdy; they take rough handling as we rush about, getting ready for our day. That's even more reason to pay careful attention when designing them, to choose elements that work for us and help us feel energized, relaxed and calm, whenever you spend time in them.