• House Cleaning Tips to Keep a Clean House and Your Sanity


    Keeping your open spaces neat, clean and tidy means having a system full of easy house cleaning tips that work for you, so you are never embarrassed when unexpected guests drop by. This isn’t always easy, especially if you add kids, pets or work into the mix.

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    Here are a few house cleaning tips to add to your daily routine to streamline the process and make your house look and feel good all the time. This isn’t a how to clean your range hood, under the refrigerator or behind the television post but how to keep life sane until you have time to schedule those other things into your life. Keeping your home clean is important, and following these steps will make it easy too.

    Start Each Day By Making the Bed

    If you don’t already make your bed everyday, get into the habit. Nothing makes you feel better than seeing a well made bed when you walk into your bedroom. It instantly feels tidy. Pulling back the covers each night, instead of falling into an unmade bed, is part of your nightly ritual signaling the brain its time to sleep.

    house cleaning tips - making your bed

    If you have a tight schedule, simplify your bed linen to a minimum, and reduce the fuss. It will make your life easier.

    The master bedroom is scaled for two, and connects the couple with the surrounding land. The custom slip covered bed and natural lines “are never supposed to look perfect," says Walsh. "The messier the better.”

    If you have pets that love to sleep on your beds, making your bed each day gives you an opportunity to quickly remove pet hair. Keep a pet lint roller in each bedroom to quickly remove pet hair from beds.

    Most people are allergic to dust mites, so wash your sheets weekly to remove any dirt, sweat, old skin or pet debris to keep them away and sleep better. 

    make your bed everyday

    Get On Top of Laundry Day

    This takes some organizing particularly if you have a busy family, but a great habit is to put a load of laundry in the wash before you head out in the morning each day. It might mean training your family to place laundry into different piles, so you can easily put on a load without going through each item.

    laundry organizing

    The longer you leave dirty clothes, smells and stains to build, the bigger the job at the end of each week. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, there are ways to get a system in place. Here are two ideas from The Woot that you can modify to make life easier.

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    If you have a dryer, putting them in the dryer quickly, reduces wrinkles and ironing time, removes lint and fluff your clothes. If you love drying your clothes naturally, iron them when they are almost dry. This also reduces ironing time. 

    Declutter With Smarter Storage Spaces

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    We accumulate so much every year that if you don’t have great storage and actively declutter you will find your home feeling crowded and difficult to clean. Adding cupboards, hangers, counters and baskets in laundry, hallways and wasted corners can really help you to organize your home.

    Declutter regularly. It could be once a year, once every six months. Do what ever your schedule allows. If you find it’s easier to remove or give away a few things each month, then make that your regular decuttering schedule. 

    under stairs storage

    At the same time to make your home feel fresh and easier to clean, create better storage throughout. Opt for thin shelving in your pantry so items don’t get lost at the back. Add a trolley to store and move items you use regularly. This could be breakfast cereals or baking flours. Either way, you will reduce the number of times you go back and forth. 

    Shelving, furniture with storage, benches with storage or under stairs storage all make your home feel tidy and organized and makes weekly cleaning easy. If you find that you have too much in one house, you can rent a space temporarily while you decide what to do with it.

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    Shoe Station – House Cleaning Tips

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    These house cleaning tips are simple. Small things like leaving dirty shoes at the door, helps keep dirt from spreading throughout your house, reducing sweeping and vacuuming time. Organize a place dedicated for shoes by the back door, front door, laundry, mud room or garage.

    house cleaning tips - shoe station

    You will need to create a shoe and jacket station near the door to look organized, neater and cleaner. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated and the simplest materials can often make the best looking stations. 

    Grand Designs Australia - Lifestyle Channel. NSW Sheep Station Homestead. More

    A small area rug near the entrance can help to trap dirt, making it easier to clean this high traffic area. If you take your dog for a walk, avoid using the front door or have your pet’s towel at the door to wipe down dirty paws on the way in. 

    dog station

    Avoid Dishes in the Sink

    Whether you load the dishwasher after each meal or wash by hand, do the dishes every day. That includes pots and pans. A house with a sink full of dirty dishes never looks clean, so tidy up and clean up. You will reduce the risk of ants, cockroaches, rats and other creatures looking for food. 

    no dishes rule

    This includes wiping down counter tops daily. From time to time you will want to clean your oven. One easy way, without using harsh chemicals is to mix baking soda and water to create a paste. Spread it throughout the interior of the oven, avoiding elements, and let it sit overnight. Wipe away with a wet rag the following day, using vinegar in a spray bottle to wipe away any baking soda residue.

    Sweep Daily, Mop and Vacuum Weekly

    If you have pets indoors, you may need to make sweeping a part of your daily routine to avoid the accumulation of pet hair.

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    There are a lot of static brooms that will quickly pick up pet hair. If your home suffers from animal smells, mop your floors weekly. If you have carpets, you may need to rent a carpet cleaner regularly to eliminate any ground in dirt and remove smells but only after trying this baking soda and vinegar method. 

    This helps to keep your carpets and rugs clean. Cover the dirty areas of your carpet with baking soda, spray over the top with a 50/50 water-vinegar mix, leave for a few hours, use a brush to scrub your carpet to remove heavy duty stains and finally, vacuum.

    clean carpets

    Don’t resort to steam cleaners when removing stains. The heat will often set the stain into the carpet for good.

    Strategic Furniture Choices

    House cleaning tips include looking for furniture pieces that are easy to maintain, durable, come in non-fade and washable fabrics. There are a lot of smart fabrics that do not tear, fade or stain. 

    Keeping your home clean can be difficult, and keeping some kind of cleaning schedule will help you succeed. These house cleaning tips are easy to add to a busy schedule and you should use them, even if you are considering hiring a maid service. Remember to add a maintenance schedule into your calendar to keep your home in perfect working condition.


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  1. Rigo says:

    True.. Keeping up on a habit. Life turns easy rightaway.

  2. Joanna Eller says:

    I liked your tips alot. The floor cleaning solution I will definitely try. Also I liked the idea of cube boxes for boots and shoes, especially because you can stack them. Thanks so much.

  3. Donnalee says:

    Love the ideas. Can the floor cleaning recipe be used on hardwood floors?

    • Christine says:

      Hi Donnalee
      use less vinegar for hardwood floors, it can dull them over time. Even baking soda can be abrasive if put on directly. Depending on your traffic – start with warm water and dish washing detergent and add the other ingredients from time to time or where you have spot marks. Hope that helps.

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