• Heatwave Air Conditioning – How to Prepare Your Home for a Heatwave


    Extreme heat leaves you feeling sluggish and tired, and during a long hot spell, heatwave air conditioning really works its magic. Instead of feeling hot, sticky and out of breath day after day, you can get on with your regular life and enjoy the day. There is uncomfortable heatwave weather and extreme dangerous fire hazard weather. 

    how to prepare for a heat wave

    Follow this guide for ideas to keep your house cool during a heatwave and a few tips on how to protect your home during an extreme heatwave.

    Make A Plan 

    If you live in an extreme heatwave zone, make a plan to get your out of the heat when it becomes oppressive, draining or dangerous.

    • Create a list of family, neighbors, doctors or your nearest hospital you might need to call for advice.
    • Add to this a list of cooler locations like a library, cinema or shopping mall, you can cool off in. 
    • Regularly check the radio, internet or TV for the latest weather forecast. Check in with neighbors to see how it might effect you.
    • Extreme heat increases the risk of fire. Be ready to evacuate if there is a fire. 

    Install an Air Conditioning Unit

    heatwave air conditioning

    If you live in a hot climate, installing an air conditioning unit is the best protection during regular heatwaves. Having cool, refreshing air circulating throughout your home does wonders for your state of mind. You won’t even know the temperatures are soaring outside.

    There are many helpful reviews of air-condition units about the various costs, sizes, prices and special features of current models and styles. Units, prices and their energy ratings change regularly, so its worthwhile to have a short list of sites you trust to help you make your decision.


    Clever use of insulation through out your home and in your roof is a once off expense but will reduce your cooling bills into the future.

    Insulating Attics and Roofs

    Put Up Blackout Blinds

    Opening all your windows and doors during a heatwave is not the best idea. Allowing hot air to enter your house does nothing to keep your home cool or circulate cool air. 

    No-Sew Blackout Shades

    If an air conditioning unit is not an option, working out how to keep your home shaded is worth investigating. Here are some No Sew Black Out Shades above. Click here for the tutorial.

    Blocking your home from the hot sun can be done a number of ways including adding trees that protect you from the sun keeps the air in your home cool.

    black out blinds

    Until you get a cool breeze coming your way, shut windows and use blackout blinds. This stops the sun from heating the air in your rooms. There are some very stylish black out blinds that are fade resistant, and even automated, to make the process seamless. Make your own or buy some but it’s a great investment. 

    Fans and Ice

    Using fans and ice together is an old but very reliable trick to move cool air around your room. Electronic fans alone only move hot air about, without cooling it. 

    clear ice cubes

    Placing a bowl of ice in front of your fan, allows the fan to blow a cool breeze throughout your room, creating a lovely short-term cooling sensation.

    If you find it difficult to sleep, wet towels with cold water and have them close to you as you sleep. Running the wet towels over your body will reduce your temperature and help you to sleep.

    wet towel and fan


    Stock Up on Ice

    During a heatwave air conditioning is perfect, but it can break down. Always have bags of ice on hand. Stock up any way you can. Store them in the freezer before the wave hits, then add them to your drinks, your bath, your pets drinking water or your garden for a slow release water system. 

    Placing ice on your wrists cools your blood quickly, and should have you feeling cooler quicker in minutes.

    bags of ice

    Remember to stay super-hydrated during a heat wave. Drink water, even if you are not thirsty, and avoid coffee or caffeinated drinks.

    Stay on the lowest floor of your house, and wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Stay indoors as much as possible, no strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day and slow down.

    Remember that pets, animals and wildlife also need water, so leave some inside for pets and outside for animals and wildlife searching for water.

    Outdoor Defence

    While you want trees to shade an protect your home from any intense direct heat, dead branches, gutters with debris or trees over your roof can be a fire starter and put you and your home in danger.

    dead tree branches near roof

    Cut down and remove dead branches, leaves and other debris from around your home and in your gutters.  Hose down your roof and outside walls, every few hours, making it more difficult for it to be set alight. If you live in an area prone to heatwaves, check your garden and gutters as part of your regular maintenance check.

    Sun Shades

    Reflective sun shades placed on your windows reflect the heat out. That means glass windows don’t heat up and allow hot air in, and your home is much cooler but not cold. 

    sun shades for windows

    Unplug Unused Electrical Units

    From your TV, games consoles, washing machine, etc, anything on standby is emitting a small amount of heat. While heatwave air conditioning can cool your home so can reducing the use of high energy-consuming appliances. It sounds like a small thing, but this along with some other suggestions will reduce the heat level in your home. 

    Be Appliance Smart

    Avoid using your stove, oven and tumble dryer during any heatwave. These large units use and create vast amounts of heat.

    Use a clothes line, cook on your BBQ and eat cold meals like salads, which will help you stay cool and keep your home cool. 

    Prepare Your Garden 

    • If a heatwave is on the way, add a thick layer of mulch around the base of your plants to avoid moisture loss and move pots out of the direct sun. 
    • Erect shade covers over heat susceptible plants.
    • Wait until the heatwave is over before removing affected foliage.
    • Water plants deeply.
    • Avoid fertilizing stressed plants

    Heatwave Air Conditioning Tool – a Paddling Pool

    paddling pool

    A paddling pool filled with cold water in the garden for children, pets and adults is a great way to cool down. Its inexpensive, fast and an easy way to keep cool. Never use your paddling pool in direct sun and use parasols and sun cream for extra protection.

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