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    We are fortunate to have an internationally recognized designer guest post this week. His name is Bill Amberg, and for over 30 years, he has been based in London, create the highest craftsmanship for individuals, luxury hotels and companies.

    Bill Amberg Studio

    Source: Bill Amberg Studio

    In his studio are craftsmen, designers and apprentices developing ideas in the making of luxury leather items, then executing each beautiful design.

    Interior Design Ideas for the Summer

    by Bill Amberg

    Just as the onset of summer can signal the opportunity to buy a new wardrobe, a new season can provide the perfect chance to give your home a new look too.

    With clear blue skies, warm sunshine and bursts of fresh colour in the parks, woodland and gardens that surround our homes, it’s the perfect time to draw some inspiration from the natural world:


    You only have to look at a beautiful bouquet of flowers to see how beautiful colour in combination can be.

    Bill Amberg Studio

    While smaller patterns give a more traditional feel, strong floral prints can create a more up-to-date look. Vibrant florals can be used on everything from curtains to cushions, floor coverings to table cloths and dinnerware to wallpaper. There’s no better way to banish the chill of winter than to sit in a beautiful room decorated in fresh summer florals.

    The new pastels

    According to the colour experts at Pantone, the key colour trends for summer 2013 include a range of muted palettes that serve as the new classics, along with rainbow-inspired colours which are perfect to create bolder style statements.  While summer may be synonymous with lighter pastel shades, designers are using richer hues and primary colours in their collections, with shades associated with nature like the emerald green of cut grass or the burnt orange of a sunset being particularly on-trend.

    Natural light

    One of the reasons summer is the most anticipated season of the year is because the days are longer and the nights are lighter. So, you can really make the most of the natural light in your home. You might want to think about changing your window treatments, perhaps swapping heavy velvet drapes designed to keep your room warm during winter evenings for some semi-transparent voiles in pretty pastel shades.

    Bring in the outdoors

    The best summers are all about spending time outdoors. But, even if the weather isn’t all that you’d hoped, bringing natural materials and fabrics into your home can make your home look beautiful.

    Freshly cut flowers make stunning table centre pieces or silk flowers set in a simply glass vase can give you the same look without any fear of them wilting.

    Bill Amberg Studio

    For a rustic feel, try adding eco-friendly materials like bamboo, seagrass hemp and jute to your home with rugs, chairs or footstools.


    Summer is the perfect season to entertain family and friends so it’s the ideal time to update your table settings. Mix and match stripes with florals for a relaxed summer vibe. Try a striped cotton tablecloth with vintage glasses in different hues, sitting your guests on chairs in clashing colours and styles. Place flowers in jugs and keep arrangements relaxed.

    Each of these ideas will bring some extra colour into your interior, extending the long, heady days of summer in your home.


    Bill began learning his artisan skills in Australia 30 years ago before opening his studio back in the 90’s.  The studio creates bespoke products and interiors for individuals and companies across the world.  Bill can be found in his London studio at Bill Amberg Studio.


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