4 Good Reasons to Invest in Home Security Screen Doors

Protect Your Home With Stylish Security Doors 

Security is a growing issue and one way to protect yourself is with home security screen doors. Security doors were once very ugly. They are the barrier between the outdoors and the entry to your home, between you and the bad guys. Now you can have security doors with dazzling curb appeal. Security doors are a great opportunity to add another design element to your home, while giving you a layer of security and privacy, added airflow and natural light. 

Retractable security screens

You can get security doors in any shape and in any style. Retractable doors are perfect for French doors. You can get barn style security doors that slide over your main door. There is mesh with fine pinholes, that allow you to see out but no-one can see in. There are sleek security doors, heavy embellished doors, sliding or simple double doors. Let’s get back to basics. Here are four reasons to invest in security screen doors.

1. Home Security Screen Doors Keep Unwanted Visitors Out

From the dog next door, people or flying insects, a security screen door is the best way to keep unwelcome guests out of your home. Its like having an entry to your entry, and you get to control who comes in or stays out, making them prowler proof. Look for security doors that are welded together. They are stronger and safer than doors with screws and rivets. Their seamless edges make them harder to pull apart. 

security screen doors

Durable mesh helps sun light to come through, keep bugs and animals out and allows you to relax in your home without worry. Your biggest everyday problem might be bugs but your biggest risk are intruders.

You can customize your home security doors with extra locks or mesh which is opaque from the street but allows you to see out. 

front door design

2. Let in Extra Light and Ventilation

Screen doors are perfect for the summer months. Leaving your open doors to the outside with the screen doors locked means you can enjoy fresh air and natural light through out your home.

Barn-style screen door

This is very helpful, particularly if you live in a warmer climate. The slightest breeze through your home is refreshing. It also means using less air conditioning and saving on utilities.

3. Use Your Home Security Screen Doors for Pets

If you have pets that love the outdoors, customize your home security screen door with a built-in pet door at the bottom of the door. This allows them to get in and out without your help.

pet door access

If you need your door to be customized work with any professional group that specializes in security doors & windows. They’ll be more than happy to modify doors or windows.

Cat Sliding Screen Doors

4. Added Curb Appeal to Your Home

Home security doors and windows add curb appeal and value to your home. Buyers place home security high on their list. They know security doors can be expensive to fit and happy you did it for them. While you may be investing in home screens for your own security, know that you will get this investment back when its time to sell.

black front security door

Security screen doors are a great investment for any home. These are some of the options available.

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