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Home Decorating Tip: Scale Simple Patterned Fabrics

Using patterned, decorating, vintage, antique and ornate fabrics and scaling these decorating fabrics is a great way to create stunning home decorating. They can add chic, mood and personality to a room effortlessly, by creating an interesting and unusual style.

From classic to retro decorating styles, whether new or vintage fabrics are used, patterned and scaled fabrics give a room buzz, a storyline, and theme to hang from and which can grow over time.

Watch out, this may be a very simple decorating technique but it's easy to overdo. I've done it. I had way too much going on and I felt a tad schizophrenic every time I entered the room. Not the mood I was looking for.

I wrote about textured fabrics. Now, let's look into patterned fabrics and scaled fabrics to see how you can change your home fast.

Patterned Fabrics

This is a fail safe decorating technique based around mixing patterns that I learnt years ago and never fails to create a brilliant decorative style.

Most people are scared to mix patterns even though the end result can be very chic but follow this and you cannot fail.

It's simple. Choose a decorative pattern first. This becomes your base. Choosing your decorative pattern first makes it easier to layer and select your other fabric choices. Your base can be an ornate fabric or a big scale patterned fabric, or maybe an antique or vintage fabric but make sure it is something that really catches your eye. It needs to sing the main feeling of the room; bold, striking, romantic, pretty.. you get the idea.

Your next selection should be a plain or almost plain fabric.

That doesn't mean boring. This is where you can experiment with great textures like linens, cottons or silks. The third step is to add a check, stripe or floral in a different scale, so your check, stripe or floral won't get lost. This also creates contrast and a shot of impact which is the very thing you want. For the best results make sure your choices are all in the same colour palette.

Scale Fabrics

Scale is all about the size of your pattern. Mixing your base decorative pattern with different scale is an underused decorating technique for home decoration even though it can literally transform a room.

Here is a couple of tips:

1. The larger the scale the more important an interior can appear to be. Smaller scale patterns such as fabric and wallpaper, add charm to a room and often the main ingredient of a 'pretty' theme.
2. Larger scaled patterns create a focal point, while smaller scaled designs often take on supporting roles.

The easiest way to mix scales is to choose patterns from an existing coordinating range with the large scale version for large pieces like curtains and the smaller scale version for cushions. Using two different scales for curtains, tablecloths or bedspreads - the most obvious being material for quilting for bedspreads, make being creative easy.

Playing with scale can inspire your imagination and create highly original decorating.

While its not a rule to keep your fabrics in the same colour palette, it does make life easier and creates an elegant or professional look faster.

Once you have made your fabric selections use these combinations for windows treatments, cushions and upholstered furniture, weaving a theme through out.

Easy Classic Fabric Decorating

A classic decorators trick is to use a trio of checks, stripes and florals in the colour palette and changing the scale of at least one fabric.

This simple method unlocks a range of sympathetic and striking options such as a check patterned sofa, over layed with cushions in different patterned fabrics such as stripes with checks or floral with checks. If your sofa is a plain fabric you can quickly transform it through your choice of cushions. You can do this using patterned fabrics in any room, from dining chair covers to footstools.

Whether starting from scratch or redecorating, decorating with textured, patterned fabrics and mixing them with scale fabrics, ornate or vintage fabrics or materials for quilting, are great to ignite any room, creating rich, strong decorating styles simply by following these steps.

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