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Messy Homes Give Mothers High Stress Not Stress Relief

By: Decorated Life Team |

After all these years of feminism, it seems that only mothers feel stressed about messy homes. A recent study by UCLA’s The Center on Everyday Lives of Families examined 32 middle class dual income families.

The results – 70% of families garages have no room for a car holding between 300 to 650 boxes and storage bins with household stuff – how crazy is that?

And while no-one particularly likes to live like that, the survey shows that only mothers showed increased hormone stress levels when their homes are messy. No amount of meditation is going move that lot by itself. Messy homes need a plan and you need your family behind you to clean up, wash up and tidy up weekly, or as they go.

The Stuff of Families

The Washington Post article The Stuff of Families covers patterns, possessions and the lack of stress relief for families with untidy abodes. Do we need all these possessions? Why is stuff pouring into our garages or do houses lack enough storage? Are we keeping too many things way beyond their use by date or do we need them for another time?

No matter how you look at it, we have more than we need and no enough space to accommodate this need.

Planning how to get rid of the extra stuff needs a plan and can easily fit into your maintenance schedule.

Adding different areas to your maintenance list can help you split the task into smaller tasks and for different family members. This is one way to reduce your overall stress.

Stress Relief

There are many ways to tackle stress and if your overcrowded home and garage are creating stress, you need to address it and reduce your stress. So what do you think? Can you destress by decluttering?  Let me know how you are going to tackle this.

Question: Is it cooler to have a clutter free home or just argue about it? Make up your own mind.. but you can learn how to de-clutter with part 2 here.