• New Home Decoration – Best Home Decoration Tips After Moving to a New Home

    6 DIY Home Decorating Tips After Moving Into a New House

    Guest Post by Jenny Harrison

    Moving into your own place is the best feeling ever. Buying your dream home might have burnt a serious hole in your pocket and left you a little sore in the money department. But you want to jazz up your home a bit to make your new house feel like home.

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    Drab and lifeless homes make everything seem dull, so you’d want to liven it up a bit. You can add a splash of color to make everything seem bright, fresh and lovely. So if you’re tight on money, here are some DIY hacks for decorating your house and making it beautiful and bright. Before you implement these new home decoration ideas, make sure you de-clutter your life your home to make moving easy.

    Painting Home Decoration Tips

    Color always brightens up a place. A splash of color will do wonders to boost your mood as well. If you have a living room painted all in off-white, use bright blue paint for one wall.

    If your room is done has tones of cream, paint one single wall in soft peach. You will be amazed to see the personality of the room brighten up instantly. Trust me, you will love it and you can thank me later. It is also a really cool idea to paint a mural on the wall of the children’s bedroom.

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    A big tree or a colorful landscape would look really amazing and the kids will love looking at it. Plus, all these things are really easy and doable without burning a hole in your pocket.

    You can easily paint a single wall yourself, especially if you take a little help from YouTube. Be sure to start painting from the ceiling and work your way downwards.

    gallery wall above a dresser

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    New Home Decoration Accessories

    A few accessories can really jazz up the feel of the room. For example, new cushion covers done up in a bright matching color to the one wall you’ve painted in the living room can make the sofas look new.

    Color Palette

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    A cushion cover is something you can easily make yourself. Get your hands on the fabric of your choice and polish your sewing skills. DIY paintings and throws along with cushions can give your living room a homely feel and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

    warm color palette

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    Give Old furniture New Looks

    Furniture is expensive and buying new furniture for every room isn’t a smart move. But don’t worry, your old furniture can get a makeover.

    painted furniture

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    Buy polish/sprays to touch-up your wood furniture on a budget. For the kitchen and bathrooms you can paint the cabinets with a bright new color and Voila, they’ll be as good as new. All these things can easily be done quickly and you’ll be pleased with the results.

    black window frames

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    Even the wood edges on the windows and the doors can be painted or polished which will make your home look stunning.

    Pictures Say a Thousand Words

    Watch tutorials on how to make pretty frames on YouTube and Pinterest. Then make lots of frames for your house and put your favorite pictures in them. The pictures can feature your kids, your travel locations and your favorite people and memories. These pictures can be hung all over the house and they will make really good wall art.

    painted and distressed frames

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    You can even make a collage of your child’s achievements at school or your favorite travel destinations. This is a great conversation piece for guests while creating an attractive wall feature. 

    Stairwell Gallery More

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    DIY Rugs

    You can use carpet remnants to make your own colorful rugs. Mix and match different carpets, sewing them together to create your own amazing rugs for every room of the house. Carpet remnants are often cheap too.

    make a rug

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    DIY painted rugs can cover uneven flooring and tile blemishes. They add color and texture and make up for a lack of furniture. Make sure to create lots of rugs for the living room.

    Washable kitchen rugs are the trendiest addition to your space. They are a great décor accent and feel good under your feet.


    Plants are a healthy and cost-effective way to jazz up your home and plants add color, life, personality and oxygen to your home so you can never go wrong with those green ferns and leaves. The best thing is that you can grow them yourself. Be sure to research and then choose plants that will thrive in your home environment.

    house plants

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    Flowering plants will add brightness to your home and give a pleasant scent and wherever you place them. Make sure to water and care for them as needed. If you grow plants with flowers, you can also pick some of those flowers and make small bouquets to place at random throughout the house. This way, you will smell flowers wherever you are. Place them in the center of your dining table or your study or the kids’ room to add a splash of color everywhere.

    house plants

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    New Home Decoration Ideas

    These handy new home decoration hacks will make your house feel like home without having you to spend lots of money. They’re all easy things you can do yourself at home with a little time and effort and the results will be incredible. So don’t worry if buying or moving into your house has left you a little purse pinched, you can’t go wrong with these DIY techniques. I can also guarantee that you’ll have much more fun and satisfaction doing all this yourself instead of purchasing expensive and fragile decorations from the market. So put your best foot forward and make the effort. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

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