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Great home decorating should looked and feel relaxed and comfortable. It should also reflect your own particular lifestyle and personality and not something that caught your eye on a home decorating blog or magazine. Places that look like showrooms often feel cold and lack personality.

And who wants that? The best home decorating blogs can show you the latest but on your decorating journey it's important to tap into and develop your own decorating style rather than copy the latest fashion trend. That means mixing it up with your own personal style and decorating techniques.

Before you buy another thing, paint another door, or pick out wall paper, you need to take a step back and Edit Your Life and Your Clutter.

To create a home that accentuates simple things edit your possessions, keeping only those things that are useful, beautiful or have meaning and that will help you enjoy your home even more. Keeping your home simple is not only a good design decision but almost vital to sweep away the many layers in our overly complicated techno driven lives.

So prune your possessions, save some money and be kind to the planet by working with what you have got. There are times when more stuff, newer stuff or the latest stuff is what we think it's all about and we over stuff our homes like bad sausage. Get rid of the quantity and keep the quality. I know, I know... this sounds easy and who wants to go through cupboards, wardrobes and files?

Do it!

You'll feel refreshed, unburdened and ten pounds lighter. This is more than a cleansing. This exercise will give you more space for the stuff you really love, help you rediscover the things you forgot about and make life simpler. Your house will suddenly feel cleansed as air freely moves - you are suddenly covered in 'space'.

The Edit Your Life and Your Clutter process helps you to do more than spring clean. It closes any open loops in your life. Open loops are things you've been meaning to get around to but never found time to do. They nag you every time you look at them... then, you ignore them. But they take space; in your home and in your head. Things like Aunt Lucy's plate you should have returned, books you've read and should pass on, clothes someone else might prefer and crockery that just doesn't sing anymore as it cries unused in the recesses of your cupboards.

These unfinished tasks are open loops, never finished, never closed. Making you feel guilty every time you catch sight of them. Get brave and get rid of them. Piles of unattended or unfinished stuff drags your energy down. To make room for the new... consolidate the old.

Take a fresh look at your belongings and ask yourself these 5 questions;

  1. Is it useful?
  2. Do you still love it?
  3. Does it improve your life?
  4. Remind you of a better time?
  5. Can you use it in some new way?

The aim is pare down your home, not strip it bare, practically on life support, but to gently edit while retaining your identity and history.

But when can I 'Edit My Life let alone My Clutter', I hear you shout?!! I'm busy!!

Here are some tips to help you Declutter
1. Diarise. Pencil in 'Edit Your Life and Your Clutter Sessions' in half hour or 1 hour blocks so you won't get overwhelmed or give up in frustration.
2. Break it down into tasks. You will never get blocks of time or energy to do your editing in one hit - so break it down into manageable slots.
3. Arrange EYL&YC Sessions when you are busy. It may sound counterintuitive, but when I'm steeped in my keyboard, notes, deadlines and the walls are moving in, I am sooo happy for the mental break. After a day of thinking a yes/no task is a relief.
4. Get rid of things in batches.
5. Be mindful. Don't just trash items - give them to some one else who can enjoy, recycle or needs instead.

The 5 questions and the Edit Your Life Your Clutter Sessions are great home decorating techniques. They may not help your painting or sanding skills and you won't always find them even in the best home decorating blogs but believe me they will make decorating easier so you can reach your goal of simple decorating faster and with less pain. I like that.

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