New Years Eve Decorations from Gift Paper, Glitter, Garlands and Tags

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New Years Eve decorations can be created simply by using any Christmas wrapping paper, tissue and gift tags. By recycling these items you have everything you need to bring a chic, stylish accent to your New Years Eve party. Its fun, creative and recycles materials you would throw out.

new year wall decorations

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 New Years Eve Table & Decorating Ideas

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Add paper napkins with gold or silver stars, don't forget the Champagne or Prosecco, lots of thin gold or silver ribbon, a few clocks spread about the room and paper lanterns or fans. 

If you decorated your pendant lighting or chandeliers with garlands, wreaths or ornaments for Christmas, add gold and silver, paper garlands to spice up room decor for New Year's Eve. 

Easy New Years Eve Table & Decorating Ideas

Pendants or chandeliers with tree branches, ribbons and other winter holiday themed decorations become impressive New Years Eve decorations. 

If you don’t have a chandelier, you can make one out of lights, hula hoops, ornaments or Christmas wreaths placing bigger pieces at the top, followed by middle sized and then finally smaller ornaments or wreaths at the bottom. You can leave them plain, or add light paper crafts or ribbons.

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This light fixture is decorated with colorful ornaments and white lights. Its both whimsical and sophisticated and a great New Year's Eve addition!

decorating for New Year

Don't ignore your ceiling. Here’s another idea, create a branch chandelier over your dining table!

New Year's Eve Tree Toppers

While you may not want to remove your decorated Christmas tree yet, you can make it more like a New Year's Eve tree by adding a New Year Tiara, a 2019 banner (get the free printable here) or a Party hat (details below) to your tree as a topper. 
Use a tiara as a tree topper

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You can also use the same 2019 free printable banner here, on your door wreath. 

2019 free printable

Source: Today's Creative Life

Swap In Festive Accents

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Swap obvious Christmas decorations for confetti-filled, metallic balloons. Add other metallic items, like garlands, trays, candles or vases to layer your look.

Wall Decor With Lights And Garland

Create a New Year Mantra using a light chain or two. Use removable tape, straight pins or nails to plan your sign. Wrap the lights in a gold or silver garland and the saying will 'pop'.
new year wall decorations

Create Rosettes From Gift Paper

These rosettes are a great addition to your New Years Eve decorations. They make great wall feature and take very little time to put together.

festive wall decor
Source: Ikea
Take different size gift wrapping paper in different colors and designs, and fold each one in accordion style, pleating the paper. When you have finished fold them in half. Mark the middle and tape to secure the folds. Create a fan, allowing the ends to meet, then staple them together. Use them as wall decor along with sparkly gift tags.
easy to make rosettes!

This year get ready for one more party using your Christmas decor as your base as your New Years Eve decorations. 

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Tassel Garland from Gift Wrapping

Using tissue paper, shiny tinsel paper, a tape, scissors and twine you can create this party tassel garland. Follow these instructions below to create simple, easy New Years Eve decorations. Use these garlands on your mantel, as wall decor or across the room. They are fun, easy to make, and gives guests staying over something to do before the big event.

close-up of finished tassel garland

How to make a tissue paper tassel

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You might find that the shiny surface of tinsel paper needs clear tape to stay secure. At the last step, folding the paper in half while twisting together, make sure the hoop you create is large enough to pass your twine through.

Feed the twine through using a needle or bobby pin, and tie a knot to secure each tassel in place. If you have made a lot of tassels you can create more than one garland, otherwise, spread the tassels across the twine, cut the twine and then secure on your wall, pendant light, across the mantel or add to your staircase.   

Party Hats and Horns

Stiff card is perfect for making hats and horns. There are a lot of templates to download, including this one from Oh Happy Day here which you can print off as a template.

New Year

Add glue to your cones at the rim and top to decorate with glitter or garland, then add string or ribbons on either side to keep them secure. 

Hope you found some inspiration in these ideas and have time to use these New Years Eve decorations as part of your celebrations. Happy New Year!