• Burnt Orange & Bright Orange Color Combinations Deliver a Punch

    Orange Color Combinations – Stuff I Love for WOW Factor!

    Burnt orange and bright orange color combinations mix so well with other cooler colors. From every shade of pink, blue, green and white, the color orange is making its way into our homes again. It is hot! Against the coolest white or mixed with tiny amounts of pale pink, it can be so elegant or Rock ready!

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    The color orange has been forgotten since the 1970’s but there is a growing fondness again for orange color combinations. You can rev the color right up by adding hot shades of pink, reds, blues or greens or cool it right down with paler shades of these color combinations.

    More and more we are seeing burnt orange color paint, bright orange walls and orange accents in cushions, lamps and vases. The slightest hint of the color orange can change the mood and theme of a room fast.

    Whether you want a burnt orange, bright orange or citrus inspired orange – the shade of orange color you choose can impact your room. Here are a few guidelines from EHow.com.

    Use dark oranges for a rich, elegant look or lighter hues for a summery space. Don’t be afraid to combine orange with unexpected complementary colors, such as red, gold and even blue.


    Things You’ll Need

    • Paint
    • Couch and love seat set
    • Decorative blanket and pillows
    • Window coverings
    • Gold cords
    • Orange accent pieces, such as flowers and rugs
    1. Paint walls with a neutral shade to complement orange decor. Set the stage for rich orange details by using an elegant ecru or a fresh white shade. For a richer look, opt for taupe or sandy brown paint.

    2. Choose an orange couch and love seat set. The color orange encompasses a wide variety of shades from apricot to rustic terracotta, so pick the hue that complements your design style. For a lighter look, choose pieces featuring soft peach upholstery.

    3. Enhance the couch with a decorative throw blanket and pillows. For a creative look, choose colors that both complement and contrast with orange. For instance, choose a light blue blanket and matching pillows featuring an orange design. For a richer look, combine burnt orange with pomegranate red or burnished gold textiles.

    4. Hang orange window coverings coordinated with your couch and love seat to off set the light-colored walls. Tie the coverings back with gold cords for an elegant touch.

    5. Finish the look with orange accent pieces. Enhance a dark wood coffee table with a ivory-hued vase filled with orange flowers such as tulips and roses. Hang art prints in orange-colored frames for an eclectic look. If your living room has hardwood or tile flooring, cover it with soft orange rugs.

    You can read more of the article at Ehow or see color orange photos for inspiration or try the orange color drink below.

    Source: intoxicologist.net via Christine on Pinterest

    Orange Classic Cocktail – Rat Pack Manhattan
    1/4 oz Grand Marnier
    1-1/2 oz Bourbon
    3/4 oz Dry Vermouth
    3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth
    3 Dashes Angostura Bitters
    Orange Zest Twist
    Place in glass with ice. Stir until chilled. Strain into chilled martini glass. Add orange twist. Enjoy!
    If orange painted walls are too much, consider using it as an orange accent with sea green color or learn how to use it as an orange stencil to subdue orange walls or create orange floors.
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