• Outdoor Patio Ideas – 10 Simple Rules For Outdoor Furniture!

    I love great outdoor furniture. Our outdoor space is used more and more for entertaining and living. So, I asked the great people over at Summer Classics for 10 patio ideas for readers on how to select the best patio furniture because if you are going to invest in your outdoor space you want to do it right!


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    Summer Classics has 7 Summer Classics Retail Stores. These patio ideas come from Summer Classics Retail Managers who have seen it all and know exactly how to maximize your outdoor space with patio furniture.

    10 Things to Know When Buying Patio Furniture

    Rule 1. Know Your Manufacturer

    When you invest in outdoor furniture you are investing in the manufacturer. Summer Classics has beautifully manufactured high-quality outdoor furniture and doing it for over 30 years. They use only the best materials and it shows.

    outdoor patio ideas

    They are constantly improving their patio furniture and fabrics with contemporary patio ideas.

    Rule 2. Fabric Replacement

    Ever needed to replace outdoor fabric to find they don’t make it anymore or have gone out of business? Annoying! Check availability before ordering replacement cushions to change your outdoor fabrics.

    outdoor patio furnishings from Summer Classics

    Rule 3. Comfort – Dreamy!

    If you don’t know about Summer Classics exclusive Dream Cushion for additional comfort then read on because this investment is worth it.

    marina-compressed - perfect outdoor fabric

    Source: summerclassics.com via Christine on Pinterest

    Rule 4. Styling Availability

    If you want furniture in your outdoor space to match check future availability of additional pieces. Sometimes outdoor furniture is on sale because a style is being discontinued.

    Rule 5. Environment Impact

    Outdoor space needs a different type of furniture to the indoors; furniture that can withstand the elements and depending where you live – that can mean a lot or very little.  A well covered patio in an apartment block has a different environment to an outdoor space where there is a salt water pool ocean spray.

    Summer Classics has an article called Patio Furniture and Your Pool which you can read here.

    Rule 6. No Fabric Rule

    Heavily canopied areas need either no cushions or thin cushions for patio furniture.

    Rule 7. Fade Resistant Fabric

    Place lighter colored fabrics in areas with a lot of sunlight. They are cooler to touch.

    Summer Classics outdoor furniture

    Rule 8. High Wind Areas

    High wind areas need heavier pieces of patio furniture.

    Rule 9. Child Proof

    Patio furniture with rounded edges are the best to keep children safe.

    Rule 10.Warranties

    Check store and manufacturer’s warranty policies before purchasing furniture. Good furniture comes with warranties and replacement conditions.


    Read the full article here. If you need patio ideas call on Summer Classics.

    Their stores make house calls so you can select the perfect outdoor furniture for your patio, garden or outdoor space, go to their showhouse blog post or read our previous outdoor furniture post here or outdoor rugs here. Here’s to your outdoor living for a Decorated Life!

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