• How to Reduce Mold in Your Home – Save Money + Improve Your Health


    Once mold is in your home, it can have a serious effect on the look of your home and take a toll on your health. I’ve written about how to reduce mold before but its worth looking at again, because most people ignore it until its too late. By then its an expensive fix on your home as well as your body.

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    Mold comes mostly with a distinctive musty smell, which does not disappear. Air fresheners just mask the smell for a few hours; they don’t reduce mold. Mold also restricts breathing if you are sensitive to the presence of mold. If you are are sensitive you can experience problems with congestion and your eyes can water almost on a daily basis.

    Some molds release mycotoxins, poisonous air borne chemicals that are difficult to kill. They contaminate everything from clothes to furniture. Even worse, they can work through your body distressing joints, immunity, the nervous system, and more.

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    Here’s a list of what exposure to mold toxicity can cause:

    1. Mood swings
    2. Neurocognitive problems
    3. Brain Fog/Confusion/Memory loss
    4. Sleeping problems
    5. Auto-immune issues
    6. Fatigue
    7. Joint pain
    8. Inflammatory problems
    9. Headaches
    10. Weight fluctuations
    11. GI problems/food sensitivities
    12. Blurred vision
    13. Numbness and tingling

    So how do you reduce mold and stop it fom appearing in the first place?

    smell of mold and mildew

    Reduce Mold Appearing in Your Property

    Mold and moisture go together. Moisture can be caused by a high level of humidity trapped in your home, or by hidden water leaks or drips which need to be fixed before any real damage is created. Look for black spots around pipes.

    Remove mold off concrete

    First, reduce the amount of humidity in your home if that’s where the problem lies. Simple measures such as taking cooler showers, drying clothes outdoors and opening windows for ventilation, can help you control the humidity.

    If you discover you have water leaks get them fixed, as soon as possible. It’s important to check the pipes and taps in your home on a regular basis. This will prevent mold and potential damage to your walls, ceilings and floors.

    Dirty HVAC systems are known for mold, as they collect dust and moisture, for it to grow.

    What Happens If Mold is Present?

    Mold Sickness

    Even with regular checking and precautions, you might still find mold in parts of your home. You can probably deal with a small amount of mold on the walls of a shower, or on bathroom tiles. Simply clean away any mold using a solution of one-part bleach to eight parts water.

    Did you know that the climbing vine, English Ivy, can radically reduce mold in the air up to 60%? This is based on findings delivered to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

    However, there are times when mold grows undetected. Once mold becomes entrenched, it can be impossible for you to kill it completely without the help of an Environmental Professional. They will examine your property and give you advice on mold remediation and what work needs to be completed to eliminate your mold.

    Mold removal recipes

    They will make sure your home is cleared of all mold, and complete another inspection of your home, to make sure your premises are mold-free.

    Its easy to ignore minor mold issues. But if it’s not addressed, it will spread, first slowly and then at a galloping speed. This makes it much harder for the mold to be removed, making the mold removal processes longer and more expensive.

    English ivy reduces mold

    Use all your senses to detect potential mold problems. First with your eyes, to see if there are any new strange dark patches on the walls or ceilings. Use your nose to smell the tell-tale mold odor; then see where it might be coming from. Next, notice if you are having any breathing or experiencing congestion issues. If this happens seek professional advice as soon as possible.





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