• 4 Easy Steps to Refreshing Your Home Decor

    Refreshing Your Home Décor in 4 Easy Steps

    Guest Post ~ Diana Smith

    tweaking your home decor

    Home decor needs refreshing from time to time; it doesn’t have to be an all out overhaul or an expensive project to be a success. Decorating your home doesn’t have to consume too much of your time, money and patience. A few shortcuts and some tweaks can give you the results you are looking for without the overwhelm a complete makeover will give you.

    home decor naturally

    Choosing a few select pieces and arranging them to flow with your rooms will get that new look almost immediately. Most decorations can be store-bought or you can make them; which can be even more fun and less expensive.

    A Piece of Nature

    Most of us are too busy to go outside and enjoy nature. Bringing the outdoors inside helps us reconnect. That’s why some of the best decorations are organic and include an element of the outdoors. Warm woods have wonderful textures and colors that generic and artificial items are always trying to replicate.

    build a shelf with branches

    One way to refresh your home is by using cut branches you can probably find everywhere around your house or building. And instead of spending lots of money at expensive floral studios, repurpose them on your own and get unique decorations in a matter of hours.

    New Covers, New Atmosphere

    Not many people use slip covers on their sofas, armchairs or beds, but these simple pieces of fabric are a quick makeover. Upholstering dining chairs can be very expensive; you can do-it-yourself or use pre-made slip covers like the ones below. They come in 5 different colors and are made from a form of Spandex which means they should hug your chair perfectly. There are a lot of different fabrics, knits and chair sizes on the market so be sure to do your homework before you buy.

    slip covers for dining chairs

    They don’t have to be expensive or created by a famous designer, but as long as they match your style and color preferences, they’ll be perfect.

    You can purchase the material by yourself and have someone make them for you, or even try making them by sewing your own slip covers. This way, you’ll get completely personalized pieces that will fit your sofa or bed like a dream, introduce a completely new atmosphere to your home and liven it up. And if their color matches the one of your walls, even better!

    Funky Fresh Colors

    Speaking of colors, why not repaint or wall paper your walls? Don’t go all out and paint the entire house. Choose a smaller task that can be accomplished in a day or two, but produces enormous long-lasting effects. You can create a bold feature wall, a corner or entry, that will stand out, like this textured wall below. It comes in three colors and is simply wallpaper.

    Dark Grey 3D Leather textured Vinyl wallpaper

    Of course, you don’t have to repaint every single room in your home, just one or two will do – perhaps the dining room or the bedroom? Painting just one wall can create a huge impact and change the look of your room instantly.

    one bold feature wall

    When it comes to picking new colors, take the room’s use into consideration: if you want a place to recuperate after a long day’s work, choose soothing tones, but if you’re looking for a room that will inspire you and lift your spirits, pick more vibrant, funky and eclectic shades of purple, orange, green or turquoise.

    The Great Outdoors

    For people living in houses instead of small apartments in residential buildings, a back yard and a patio are among the biggest assets in the world. And with such a treasure right behind your home, it’s a shame not to make the most of it – just imagine all the barbecues, afternoon teas and morning coffees you could have if it was spruced up just a little!

    bold feature wall

    Decorating a patio isn’t as hard as it seems at first and all you need is some creativity and a few minutes of free time. It doesn’t have to be about paint; maybe you could create a green living wall. Or you could, for example, focus on the seating arrangement and add a new spacious garden table to accommodate your entire family while you’re preparing a meal.

     bold feature wall patio

    Or, on the other hand, add a few handmade pillows to your patio bench to make a perfect area for relaxing in the open.

    Related image

    These aren’t the only ideas to refresh your home quickly and efficiently. Among other things to consider are repainting your furniture, installing new light fixtures, changing the knobs on your kitchen cabinets and decluttering your storage area – with less unnecessary things in there, you’ll have more room for new decorations!


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