Ruthless Came the Stager - Home Staging Ideas to Transform Your Home

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If you don't know what a Stager is, you are in for a treat. A home stager is a professional decorator hired to transform ugly duckling homes into dream properties. Yes - they deal with home sellers. You may think home staging has nothing to do with home decor - but read on, because home staging can teach a lot.

The best home staging uses most of the owners existing possessions, adding a few of the home stagers decorating accessories to turn out magazine quality home decor. Sellers don't have to move a thing.  But to really make a difference. Start with this.

No clutter.

By moving some items, the home stager did  huge clutter clearing on the home and the results speak for themselves. Most of the owner's furniture was used; which means your probably already have nearly everything you need to go from clutter to wow!

So, ask yourself..

Is your clutter holding you back?

The first step is to take a harsh look at everything you own and scale it back; right back.

  1. Declutter you home, create space in your living areas and look each room with fresh eyes before you buy another thing!
  2. Here are a few tips on removing clutter, closet storage and organizing your time to declutter your life. Most people don't even see their clutter which makes it really hard to dealing with!
  3. Empty your rooms of bric-a-brac, piles of magazines, small pieces of furniture and clutter and you will feel better - immediately.
  4. Schedule a regular Clutter Clearing.  Do a mini clutter clearing once a month if a huge clutter clearing scares you!
  5. Create three bags - one to give away, one to throw away and another to store. A woman cleared a bag a day for a month! Imagine how much she got rid of, gave away or found storage for.
  6. Next; decorating. Start by moving smaller pieces of furniture around - re-purpose a coffee table to a bed side or hall table to another room. Moving things around is a great way to get your inspirational decorating juices flowing.

Let me tell you a little secret.. remember the home stagers I wrote about at the top of this post? Home stagers were charging anything up to $25,000 to help flip properties but the world and the market has changed. Now some charge as little as $65.

Once you have done a clutter clearing hire a home stager to look over your property some home staging tips.

You can even hire decluttering services if you need some help to get going. To get details on how stagers work and where you can find them, click the link below.

Ruthless Came the Stager - Home Staging Ideas to Transform Homes