Simon Sinek Inspires a Decorated Life

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Simon Sinek has a simple, powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His famous Tedx video is worth watching again, and again. It's been viewed on over 5,150,000 times.

It explains why we follow some people and not others. Why we resonate with some people, brands, companies and friends has become Simon's work.

Simon Sinek gets to the very heart of what it means to lead, to inspire and to be human. Resonating with others before we trust. We resonate with their message and what they believe in. Because if we believe what they believe, we trust them - and follow them, again and again. And he gives us tips on how we can do it to, and connect.

You may think Simon Sinek has nothing to do with home decorating, painted floorboards and wall stencils, but I think his thinking has everything to do with it - on at least two levels.

Decorating is all about creating a background were you can lead your best life. Building a space that is safe, comfortable and easy to enjoy is vital. A place where family, friends and guests come to resonate with you, where they feel safe to trust you and at ease to enjoy the space and time.

If you get it wrong your decorating efforts look like an overpaid ad. Everyone sits rigidly, waiting for the 'event' to be over. No one feels safe. Not even children. There is a top layer of beauty, style and design that is not supported to the heart of your home. The design process is not about creating a showcase but designing a place to thrive.

If you get the design process right, time flies by. Rooms are filled with hours of laughter, warmth and unspoken understanding. People don't want to leave. That's the kind of home we all want and strive for.

That's the first level. You might not think a design process is at work but deep down there is.

'Decorating is all about creating a background where you can lead your best life.' Your best life might be at home but that's not where you spend most of your time. Most of your time is in the world, outside the home, fighting, enduring and sacrificing your time, emotions and strength. Your home becomes the only haven you have. Traffic, meetings, stress, people, conflict and resolution all take it out of us. The design process becomes a conscious purposeful effort to fortify your home as a peaceful retreat.

Each night is like coming home from war. No guns. Doesn't mean you don't deserve a medal for leading your Decorated Life.

So next time you are thinking about painting your floors, having a dinner party or decorating your dining table, remember Simon Sinek and go back to your 'why' design process.

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