Solar Roof – Its Law in California for Every New Home

If a solar roof sounds interesting to you for as much free energy as you can get, you should know that it could become law throughout the USA within a few years. If other states follow California all new homes built from 2020 must have solar roofing. This follows the state’s push for homes to be net-zero energy by 2020 meaning that a home is generating as much energy as it consumes.

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There is a broad consensus that this push is in the right direction helping to reduce emissions and other negative climate change effects.

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Will it affect you? Right now it will only affect you if you are planning to build in California but other states could quickly follow. But its worthwhile to know what might be up ahead, because its likely all homes will fall under this umbrella ruling sooner or later. And along with the savings are roof design and style features you won’t want to miss to improve your curb appeal.

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According to Wikipedia Solar shingles, (or photovoltaic shingles) are solar panels designed to function and look like existing roofing such as slate or asphalt shingle. The enormous upside is that they will produce electricity. 

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You can expect the cost of a solar roof to come down. High manufacturing costs have made investors stay away from solar roofing keeping the prices high. Solar technology was a great idea but too expensive for most. All of that is about to change. 

This new law helps a residential solar company LA can expect sales to grow each year and prices for home owners will come down making it affordable as well as desirable.

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Solar Tiles Versus Solar Shingles Versus Solar Panels

There are quite a few variations you can expect to find when researching for solar roofing. But which one will you choose? It is pretty much a case by case scenario, depending on your roof line, style of home and budget.

One main difference is that solar panels have been around the longest and are installed over shingles or tiles. They can look bulky because they are placed over an existing roof. This made them expensive.

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Solar shingles mimic the look of traditional roof tiles. They are fast to install, and invisible to the eye, making them good to look at and less bulky.

For new homes solar shingles will cost less to install, making them the cheaper alternative unless solar panels compete with a cheaper product. With increased demand, advances in technology could develop hybrid versions that will give home owners an even greater selection. For older homes it makes sense if you have an older roof that needs replacing.    

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Solar Roof Homeowners

Before this law California had Solar Access Rights to add solar to your home. But homeowners had to initiate the additions themselves. It was expensive and difficult to put in place.

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This new law encourages building companies will work out the best ways to add solar to homes. Efficiencies will rise and be passed on to home owners. Home prices may increase in the short-term but this should level out quickly. ‘Free energy’ should become less expensive as more and more people use build new homes. Expect different styles and shapes too. Solar tiles, panels, shingles, film in every type of material and color and being manufactured and tested. 

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Will You Be Next? 

Other states are working with patchwork legislation to reduce carbon emissions. They would like to help make families and industries more energy efficientCalifornia has set a precedent that will pave the way for other states to create similar legislation.

One new solar roof will hardly affect emissions, but if every house and industry uses similar technology the effect could be significant.

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