• Stop Neglecting Your Home Office Furniture! 4 Ways to Blend Tech & Design

    Home Office Furniture

    Your computer, and all its accessories, is now a permanent fixture on your list of home office furniture. And while we try to get our office furniture in sync with the rest of our office decor, we often ignore our computers because we can’t do anything about them.

    Or is that just our limited thinking?

    see through perspex

    Here is a guest post from Abbey Dieteman, from Dieteman Technolgy Consulting, who has great tips for updating your office decor;  hiding your files in a china cabinet, removing cable spaghetti and turning your computer into striking home office furniture, if not stand alone art, using their unique personalized office decor designs.

    Never be limited by your home office furniture again, instead look to the growing trend of personalized office furniture and office decor. And the cost?

    Well, if you have an existing computer a new case is between $30 -$150 and more if you need a new computer built. 

    Stop Neglecting Your Home Office Furniture! 4 Ways to Blend Tech & Design

    Guest Post by Abbey Dieteman

    The office is often the most neglected area when it comes to interior decorating. You carefully select each piece of art and piece of furniture to create the feel that you have always dreamed for your bedroom, living room, and dining room.

    vintage radio gram computer

    Even your kitchen appliances and cabinets, although very functional, were selected in large part based on aesthetic. And while you chose your office decor and shelving the same way, you can’t seem to get the functional areas of your office (think technology) to align with the rest of your home. So, you shut the door and chalk it up to the price of living in a tech-dependent world.

    Sound familiar?

    There is another way! With nearly all of us using technology in our home office, there are ways to make your office furniture match the feel of the rest of your space.

     Computers to match your space

    While big box stores often only have computers that come in black, grey, or white, many places, including Dieteman Technology Consulting, can build a custom computer that matches your aesthetic, whatever that may be.

    fluro computer

    There are computer cases that look like pieces of vintage wooden furniture or are transparent so you can see all the components at work. I’ve built computers meant to look inconspicuous and even one built inside a Rubbermaid tote (click here for just a fraction of the builds). So when you buy your next computer, think about using an artisan builder that has access to some of these computer cases.

    If you can’t match it, hide it

    In my office, I repurpose furniture to use as ways to store my technology. Think of unique ways you might have to store your technology. For example, try a vintage china cabinet for your printer and accessories. The drawers are perfect for storing paper and ink out of sight and the focal point becomes the furniture, not the printer. Put the printer on the bottom shelf and then decorate the other shelves with books and artwork to camouflage the piece’s functional purpose.

    Clean up the spaghetti

    Another way to hide technology is by getting rid of as many cables as possible. A wireless keyboard and mouse is a good start. They look cleaner on a desk and can be stored in a drawer easily while not in use.

    office decor to avoid the spagetti cable mess

    Even without the keyboard and mouse, you probably have a lot of cables. Making sure they are tucked neatly under and behind the desk goes a long way to making your office a beautiful space, not just a tech-storage area. There are many products out there for just this purpose. More information about how I do it here.

    Ditch the file cabinet

    These days, there are so many storage options for files, that the black and grey file cabinets should be all but extinct. Many desks come with built-in file drawers so think of that when you are purchasing new office furniture.

    vintage cabinet converted into a office furniture

    Another alternative (my personal fav) are file boxes on a bookshelf. You’ll see in my china cabinet that above my printer I have a chevron file box. These come in all colors and shapes and can look great on top of a desk or on a shelf without screaming, “This for function only!”

    My life is centered around technology, but I also want to work in a space that I love, so should you. So take another look in your office and see where you can fit design in the middle of all that technology.

    Abbey Dieteman Bio: Abbey Dieteman loves solving tech problems for fellow entrepreneurs. She has the radical belief that technology should be the solution, not the problem. Her company, Dieteman Technology Consulting, which she co-founded with her husband, is centered on making custom solutions that are fun and simple for even the biggest technophobes. Abbey and her husband have built custom computers out of plastic lunch boxes and mesh shelving units, check out some of their crazy builds by clicking here.

    I hope you enjoyed this guest post by Abbey Dieteman. Now you have no excuse for neglecting your office furniture again.


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