Suzanna Schlemm – Brazilian Artist and Painter

By: Decorated Life Team |

It’s always thrilling to find a new painter, so it’s wonderful to introduce Suzanna Schlemm.

I’ve put together a short video on Suzanna Schlemm highlighting some of her gorgeous work. I think you will agree Suzanna has great talent and understand why her paintings are shown and hung all around the world.

Suzanna Schlemm moved to NYC to study painting in 2001 and became a full-time student at The New York Studio School, where she earned multiple scholarships. Today Suzanna lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

“Suzanna’s work examines the strange familiarity of ordinary moments. ..Her paintings are like snapshots,fragments of trivial events ignored through the distracting passing of days,like the simple act of opening the drapes to look out the window.” – Marisa Flórido, art critic.

Past exhibitions include group shows at Centro Cultural Correios and Parque das Ruinas, both in Rio de Janeiro and a solo show held in the Northhampton Center for the Arts, Northhampton, MA, in the United States. Recently Suzanna’s drawings were published in “Stroke of Genius 3, The best of drawing”, a book from North Light Books.

You can find more of Suzanna’s paintings on her site linked below.

Link to Suzanna Schlemm