• The Virtues of Vinyl – Why Vinyl Upholstery Fabric is Making a Comeback

    While the price of leather couches continues to skyrocket, using faux leather replacements like vinyl upholstery fabric is a great option. The look of vinyl has improved so much that its often hard to tell the difference between the two. And while vinyl is certainly more affordable you may as well know the difference between the two. 

    Vinyl upholstery fabric

    Leather Upholstery Vs Vinyl Upholstery Fabric: Durability

    Leather is highly durability and feels soft but it is expensive. Vinyl has been redesigned, making it highly durable and looking like very expensive leather. It looks and feels luxurious and extravagant for a fraction of the cost!

    Vintage Black Vinyl Chesterfield Sofa

    Both products are very durable, in fact, they can last for years if looked after without any real signs of wear and tear. But both will scratch or tear if a knife, belt buckle or sharp heels or keys are used near them. Leather tends to age better, where vinyl upholstery cracks over time. But there are ways to repair leather and vinyl scratches for a fresh new look and its easier than you think. 

    Vinyl is more UV fade resistant and keeps its original color, whereas leather stays cooler on a hot day. 

    Leather Vs Vinyl: Appearance

    white faux leather

    For decades leather couches have been a sign of classic, sophisticated furniture, a sign of wealth and good taste. It ages well, becoming softer and more comfortable and develops a beautiful patina.

    brown leather couch

    You won’t get this with vinyl but as a cruelty-free product and made in any pattern, color or style and at a cheaper price you will get a great selection in almost any price point. Vinyl upholstery may not last 50 years but with decorating styles changing regularly, you get to upgrade faster for less.

    vinyl ottoman

    Leather Vs Vinyl: Care & Cleaning

    Leather is water resistant. This make spilled food or liquid easy to clean. Just a damp cloth and mild soap will clean leather. Take care, even water can stain leather if the leather has not been treated. Test an area first. 

    faux cowhide upholstery fabric - Google Search

    Vinyl upholstery fabric is manufactured to be stain resistant. A damp cloth and mild soap is all your need to remove dirt and grime. Using anything stronger could remove the color in the fabric.

    Leather and Vinyl Costs

    Leather is more expensive than vinyl. If you can afford both, then it comes down to personal style and choice.

    Heavy Satin Vinyl

    If you have a home, or home office, with a constant flow of people coming in and out commercial vinyl could be a better choice as it will wear better and look better for longer.


    Leather is a natural product and the best way to maintain its luster is by feeding it with a leather product at least 2-3 times a year.

    Leather Sofa

    Vinyl upholstery fabrics require low maintenance. Quality vinyl upholstery fabric does not require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good. While it won’t stain easily, like leather it can be prone to scuff marks and tears, so care is still needed. 

    Variety of Colors

    Tufted White Faux Leather Chair

    Both leather and vinyl come in a range of multiple colors. As a man made product , vinyl has the advantage of coming in additional colors and textures like a sleek metallic look, a rustic urban look or farmhouse look.

    Investigate Your Upholstery Options

    Redecorating and changing the interior of your home can be fun but also expensive. You need to invest money in the best long term areas. This can be bathrooms, decking and even attics, so when it comes to furnishings and furniture, investigate all your upholstery options!


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