• Top 5 Ideas to Improve Your Home Appeal by Using Garage Doors


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    Believe it or not, your garage doors can greatly impact the curb appeal, as well as, the overall appearance of your home. Most homeowners underestimate the effect of a well-designed garage door. Of course, if they are broken start is with garage door repairs.

    Whether your garage sits at the front or at the side of your home, if it follows your roof line and design style, it can make your home not only look larger but it can also enhance its design features; giving it a strong architectural feel.

    Most garage doors suit a variety of homes; each one updating and streamlining the look of your home. With the addition of steel, fiberglass and even copper, garage door construction is no longer limited to wood or aluminum. Add window styles, lighting, faux fixtures and automatic gate openers and you can create a structure that is modern, adds value to your home and belongs does not look like a fast add-on. They also work on most garage conversion ideas.

    5 Ideas Improve Your Home Using Garage Doors

    Garage Door Styles and Trends

    Smoke glass is trending for garage doors, and for good reason. It is chic, looks spotless and perfect for houses with modern architecture. What’s more, it delivers privacy, unlike plain glass panels.

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     Painting trim and wood tones the same color unifies your home and garage doors.

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    Copper awnings or overhangs are also a great design trim for an extra finish.

    Hard Wearing and Clever Garage Door Materials

    With new materials available, getting the style you want for your garage doors is easier, making them look incredibly stylish and more expensive. These are hard wearing, stylish and age well.

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    Garage doors with glass panels, encased in either wood, steel, or aluminum allow you to show off your collection of cars, access more natural light into your home or give the appearance of a lighter more spacious area.

    Garage - like the one window in the middle to give visual interest vs a flat / slanted roof.Image Source: Pinterest.com

    Consider the addition of copper to hardwoods and concrete.

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    This creates a solid looking garage door.

    Choose Bold Door Colors

    As a garage door is a part of your home, it should coordinate with the house’s color palette. You could try dark colors or neutral brown to bold red that matches the interior and exterior of your home.

    Carriage House Style

    Carriage-style doors fit well with the customary lines of Tudor and bungalow homes.

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    These doors highlight a steel base with wood-grain. They look great without the maintenance. They come in White poly, almond or sandstone color for the base.

    Add Lights, Plants, Trellis or an Overhang

    Exterior - These garage doors repeat the recessed square panels found throughout the home. The glass panels above provide some light into the garage during the day. Three simple lamp fixtures provide ample illumination and beauty to this area of the home exterior. #bhg.com:

    If you like plants and blooms, why not add it to your garage door?

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    A few vines illustrating your door or pruned plants in the columns will do.

    Pergola Over The Garage

    You can construct an overhang over your garage doors for style but it can also function as useful shelter on blustery days.

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