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Upholstery Basics How to Make a Lampshade – Easy Tutorial

By: Decorated Life Team |

Up leveling your lampshade is one the fastest and coolest ways to give a room a new look.

How to cover a lampshade?

Choose a fabric that looks amazing with your existing home decor. Make sure the fabric is not too thick and lets enough light through so that it’s more than pure lampshade decoration.

You don’t need to buy a new shade if the shape still works for you – just replace the fabric. Here’s a great tip; use the old fabric as your shade pattern template. Too easy!

You can create some RockStar looks by adding velvet and ribbon trims to the top and bottom of the lampshade.

How to Make a Lampshade? 34 Steps Is All It Takes

There are 34 steps to making a lampshade! Don’t let that scare you off! You can find all 34 steps to make a lampshade here. This lampshade tutorial is a great way to get a fabulous lampshade look that is unique. Let’s not forget that DIY is great meditation because your mind can’t stress about stuff at home or work if it’s occupied! Let me know how you get on.. See you on Facebook or at the Lamps, Lights and Candles board at Pinterest.