• Wall Mural Mania – Great Ideas for Feature Walls

    Wall murals have a gorgeous crispness since being digitally produced. The 3D look adds texture, landscapes or scenes to any special room like a basement entertaining area. They can really open up a space, create a feature wall and give a room personality. Wall paper murals can be found on almost any topic from kids wall murals, nursery wall murals, forest wall murals, beach wall murals and world map wall murals. I think this would look spectacular in a bedroom.


    Now its gone one step further with custom wall murals made for you, your wall size; even using your photos if that’s what you prefer. 


    Source: Murals Wallpaper

    I love the flower range above. They have a classic retro feel about them and make a fabulous feature wall or backdrop; particularly in apartments that need features added.


    Doesn’t the 3D texture on this flag look amazing? I feel like I could touch the silk flag or get a splinter from the wood panels below.


    I’ve picked some full wall murals by Murals Wallpaper in the UK that jumped out at me, but there are literally hundreds to choose from or get one custom made with your own street map or flag!


    But what about this beach wall murals?The nursery range is gorgeous too!



    Jungle wall murals

    To talk more about it, how to use them and more importantly, how to decorate is you have one, is a guest post by Charlotte Dawson from Murals Wallpaper on their new range.

    Make a statement! But be subtle about it…

    Guest Post by Charlotte Dawson from Murals Wallpaper

    Although subtle and statement decor seem worlds apart, there are ways you can use this juxtaposition in your home to create an effective design, without causing yourself a headache.


    You don’t always have to resort to vibrant colors and kaleidoscope prints to make a memorable setting in your home or apartment. Focusing on natural elements and colors can help you make an impact without going to the extremes of interior design. Statement walls are an excellent way to open up smaller spaces and provide a lifeline to apartments that are a little on the cozy side.


    Clean brick wall mural

    Exposed walls

    Sometimes stripping back your walls is as good as dressing them up. For a more rustic feel in your home, exposed brick or wooden panels can provoke a cozy ambiance. Rough textures paired with natural shades make for great home aesthetics. If you’re not up for the laborious chipping away of plaster, an easy alternative is to paste up a realistic wall mural.


    Removing the plaster in and apartment may take away the cushion that blocks sound out from your neighbors. Living in such close quarters means you need all of the soundproofing you can get, so this wall mural provides a handy alternative.


    Aqua white ombre wall mural

    Ombre walls

    Once a much-loved hair style, now an easy-to-achieve decoration dream, ombre walls are becoming a popular look for many homes. Taking inspiration directly from the fashion realm, this chic pattern need not be so adventurous. Pair two colors together that are easy on the eye, think pastel and natural tones. The white and aqua design above would look great in a bathroom, featuring appropriate colors to help you relax and unwind. With its gentle gradient, this design makes a statement without being too garish. Similarly softer tones such as mint and peach would make an equally simple style.

    Clashing colors also work well without looking too far out. The second ombre design blends well and somewhat replicates the water color wonders of an evening sunset. Although pink and blue may sound like an odd pairing on paper, one look at this gorgeous combination will be enough to transport you to somewhere much more exotic than your living room. A design this prominent would make an interesting change form the uniform layout and style of modern apartments.

    For open plan apartments ombre walls make excellent transition walls. They allow you to decide on a main color for each section of the room and bring them both together, even if it may not necessarily be an expected match. Larger walls that trail from the kitchen to the living area would be perfectly complemented by an ombre mural.

    Flashes of color

    If you’re sticking to a more neutral color palette, you can feature tiny elements of contrasting colors in your soft furnishings. Look closely at the finer details of your cushions, rugs and throws, color can be hiding in the tiniest thread, button or zip, for a quick pop away from vanilla and magnolia tones. Just remember not to overcrowd your space with soft furnishings as this can make your apartment or home feel smaller.


    Black and white illustrated flowers

    The monochrome style of this wallpaper is another great way of making an impact. White on black is a classic design choice and is extremely easy to find matching furnishings for. Although you could go for more realistic flowers or ones that show their true colors, it’s much simpler to adorn your walls with the effortless monochrome style.

    Giant print

    Forget the intricate prints of traditional wallpaper, a bigger pattern can actually be less distracting on the eye. As the wallpaper above is in black and white, it won’t take the limelight away from the rest of your room. Great for bedrooms, basements and communal areas, giant patterns make a welcome break away from repetitive traditionally-printed wallpaper.


     Murals Wallpaper produce digital wallpaper murals that are made to measure and tailored to suit individual tastes. Clients can choose from their hand-picked collection, or they can use their own cherished photos or designs.

    If you want more information or more wall mural ideas visit Murals Wallpaper. You can find the installation guide here.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Love these but I think they could be too expensive for me. Will see if I can get them discounted.

  2. Felicity says:

    Not for me.. I like plain walls but I know my husband would love one with the Ferrari I saw on the site.

  3. Georgina says:

    I love the yellow wall flower mural. It looks so vintage and would really go with my waxed Annie Sloan dresser.

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